Reviews For The Kh@s

2007.08.28 - 02:17AM
2: Name Games and Coincidence

How very adorable! I do like your brand of whimsy, very much. I thought I'd pop by and check out some of your fic because you favorited my still-under-construction "Vivisect". I was glad you did that, as I was beginning to think everyone thought I was, well, a bit sick.
Anyway...I don't know much about FF, but look forward to learning more in your crossover fic. I love cats and doctors, too. ; )

Author's Response: Thanks! Beginning to think I read it mainly \'cos of the title - that word is just so weird, and the fact that I recall what it means... hah. It\'s good. Well, my crossover\'ll get over here eventually. Maybe I\'ll even write one with Ten, Rose, and Simon! (Which is hilarious, \'cos Firefly has a Simon. Who is the doctor. *grin*)

2007.07.12 - 10:59PM
1: Spelling Lessons and Meeting Species

Cute and funny I like it! Please have more stories with simon in it? I think he's cute!

Author's Response: There will at least be another chapter, and I might write more random stories with Simon in it... just \'cos he\'s so silly a character.

2007.05.24 - 10:00PM
1: Spelling Lessons and Meeting Species

Cats (Kh@s?) + Doctor = love. Talking cats (Kh@s?) even more so.

Author's Response: That\'s just \'cos (at least this one) is so much like him. Lawlz. Chapter two\'s coming along, though. One day it\'ll get done and there will be (little) rejoycing.

2007.04.24 - 10:21AM
1: Spelling Lessons and Meeting Species

Ooh I like it. I want a Kh@t.

Author's Response: Glad. You might already have one. Have a cat? (Love your name - have ever since I saw it. It\'s the french student in me.) Hoping to write \'nough to count as another chapter tonight, but this may just be a really, really short story.