2007.08.30 - 05:49PM
5: Re-write Three: "What about the TARDIS?"

Nice! This is probably the most original of the Doomsday re-writes I've read. Interesting, never really thought of the TARDIS as a companion.

Author's Response: She\'s not necessarily a companion, but she is definitely a character. Eventually these alt!ends will get there... but the laptop I\'ve been writing on has been absconded with. I\'m genuinely sorry. (But I love your work. Thanks for all these reviews - I was so happy when Gmail told me I had some.)

2007.08.30 - 05:45PM
4: Re-write Two: Hell


Author's Response: Yeah, but switched Ten needed a reciprocal, and I always kinda wondered what would happen if Rose had just fallen, and not been picked up. I\'d read some interesting things (one of them involved Jello... o.o).

2007.08.30 - 05:44PM
3: Re-write One: Switched

Excellent voice of the Doctor. Brilliant.

Author's Response: Thanks - this one took a while to write, but there\'s melancholy Ten, and I guess that\'s something almost easy to write.

2007.08.30 - 05:41PM
2: The Original Ending - Doomsday

That's a very nicely done 'ficisation' of the ending of Doomsday. I can see it happening before me as I read the words. Going on to alternates now and looking forward to them. Great stuff.

Author's Response: Oh, thanks - I agonized forever trying to do it (there is only so much you can do with transcripts. O.o\").

2007.05.28 - 03:29AM
3: Re-write One: Switched

Ah crap *needs kleenex*
and this after the authors notes (particularly the part about getting giddy off youtube; I can relate) made me roll around in laughter.

Author's Response: Haha, I don\'t cry, but that\'s just \'cos I wrote it. (I seriously do; I could spend all day on YouTube and not watch the same Who-related video twice.) Glad I could amuse.

2007.04.23 - 07:53PM
1: Introductory Note (Long)

Oh no, I'm sorry if I gave you that impression! I like it! I only cry over things I like-even if I like them in a "That's so sad!" way. Like, I liked Doomsday...but not in the usual sense. I liked the lines, the writing...but I hated the plot because Rose and the Doctor got torn apart. That's all. I like your story though, it was just sad. And if it makes you feel any better, I needed tissues for Doomsday too...:(

Author's Response: Yeah, thought that was what you meant. (SO NOT IN A MEAN WAY!) I cried, and then, when my brother watched it again on TiVo, and I was eating breakfast...all I had to do was HEAR it and I cried... so\'s, I know what you mean by the cryage. On a bad day, just listening to the song from the soundtrack can get me.

2007.04.23 - 07:36PM
3: Re-write One: Switched

Gah! *sob* I need my tissues! *runs off to get a giant box of tissues*

Author's Response: It\'s not that bad, is it? (I hope not, or else I\'d better just give up now :D) Sorry, really, about the confusion earlier.

2007.04.23 - 06:42PM
2: The Original Ending - Doomsday

I'm confuzzled...maybe I missed something, but it seemed the same as the regular Doomsday...

Author's Response: It is. It\'s entitled the original ending. Beg pardon if I confuzzled you beyond reason. I look to have the next chapter up tomorrow. It\'s a real chapter, I promise. Actually.... *mischevious glint* I might be able to put it up tonight. Sorry for the confusion, though.

2007.04.21 - 05:28PM
1: Introductory Note (Long)

Very long intro!! I feel very sorry you living in America and all... im not gonna mock you and say 'series 3 is great!!!' and all that, though it is, but thats a different matter! Anyways... great idea, can't wai to actually read the re-writes!! lol!

Author's Response: Yeah, I felt so bad tacking the long intro onto the original ending that I hammered (and still hammering, *wince*, should be doing that now) into a fic-form, so I made it its own chapter. So, soon as I put the original up, y\'all can get chap one.