Reviews For Lobster

2007.07.19 - 08:30AM
1: Yes, ma'am!

never ever abandon food particulary if it is live lol

Author's Response: lmao! they were quite silly lol =D

2007.04.22 - 09:02AM
1: Yes, ma'am!

That's a really funny story! Well done again.

Author's Response: Thanks!! =D

2007.04.20 - 06:46PM
1: Yes, ma'am!

Brilliant! I would hate to havea lobster on the loose... it you found it, it would bite/nip you! But it's easier to catch then a hamster on the loose? Brilliant story! :)

Author's Response: lol thanks!!! =D

2007.04.20 - 03:44PM
1: Yes, ma'am!

Ahhh! Lobster on the Loose... That's quite a good headline for a newspaper story.

"19 year old Rose Tyler who currently resides in the tardis lost a lobster whilst attempting to cook it."


Author's Response: he he... I love it! Thanks for reviewing!! =D