Reviews For Heritage

2007.12.01 - 04:51PM
12: Chapter 12

Ha! Jackie would be a terror as a mother-in-law or a grandmother-in-law. I love how you've written her here. She's still recognizably the Jackie we knew, but older and a bit more eccentric.

Also, the thing with John Lumic, aka Barty Crouch, Sr.? Genius!

Author's Response: Hee hee! Glad you caught the Crouch allusion. You\'re the first to mention it. It fit perfectly as a conspiracy theory in my story\'s universe.

2007.12.01 - 01:20PM
2: Chapter 2

Okay, I'm hooked. This is definitely a different (thankfully) take on the OMG Rose and the Doctor make babies! Story idea which is so, so, SO cliched and popular.

I like that John (I love his name) is, apparently, basically a hanger-on at work, only having a job because of his Mum. And his apparent lack of knowledge on his father is sad, but somehow appropriate. Can't wait to read more.

2007.11.25 - 05:39PM
11: Chapter 11

Addictive in its sheer difference. I wonder what she'll make of Jackie. I also wonder what Jackie'll be like after all these years....

Your depiction of a lonely boy who knows he's (supposedly) part alien growing up into a subdued, "dull" person is really touching. He's more like the Doctor than he realizes. He wants to join the ranks of the pawns rather than be a god among them, fit into the crowd. The business where he "tests" Penny by bringing her to lectures and is all gleeful about not knowing who the people there are is hilarious.

There are bits of the tenth Doctor in his speech and mannerisms and appearance sometimes, but he is a lot less manic-depressive. His highs and lows aren't so polarized. And so he becomes his own person, a faint whisper of his ancestry as he attempts to be something else.

2007.11.25 - 05:04PM
5: Chapter 5

“He was off in another universe, doing something much more important than having a family,” said John, rather bleakly. “And that made it okay for my mother to do the same thing.”

Really interesting take on how things might have gone if Rose'd been pregnant. So many fics make her out to be super-mom, etc. But what if she was addicted to adventure? And wanted Junior to be a carbon copy of his dad but it just wasn't... happening that way? So much to live up to, both on his mother and father's part. The pressure must be staggering....

2007.11.21 - 01:33AM
11: Chapter 11

I love this. Please update soon!

2007.10.25 - 11:21AM
7: Chapter 7

I think I've fallen in love with John Tyler...

2007.10.23 - 02:10PM
11: Chapter 11

Like Honor, I can't wait for Penny to meet Jackie. Should be interesting. I hope Jackie approves!

2007.10.17 - 09:36PM
11: Chapter 11

Excellent! I'm very much looking forward to the meeting between Penny and Jackie. You've really made me care about Penny.

2007.10.17 - 08:10PM
11: Chapter 11

Best chapter yet. Your characters are so vivid!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

2007.10.11 - 10:11PM
1: Chapter 1

Printed out your story to read on a long trip and some how lost the first page where I'd noted your name- I've been searching high and low for that information for days because of how very dearly I loved your story. I do hope you'll continue- it's a masterpiece and the interactions and characterisations are so well crafted that they tug at the heart

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate your reading my story and taking the time to comment. I do intend to finish it -- it\'s just taking me a bit longer to finish chapters recently due to changing RL circumstances. Thanks again!

2007.10.10 - 07:43PM
1: Chapter 1

This is a masterful piece of writing. I rarely see writers who can handle the rich nuance of lack of nuance, as it were, and you've done it. You've turned this story into a Japanese rock garden - and believe me, that's high praise. We are reading about two adults, here. Perhaps most importantly for me, we are reading about the Doctor's son, not the Doctor. This man is also a big of a Japanese rock garden. He waits to hear what's said between words, he understands "the spaces between" and, indeed, may be caught in them. Penny, who is a thoughtful and brave woman, is the person who can help him add some violets and green leaves to his rock garden. You build all this with absolutely assured prose, by the way. This is adult, sophisticated, and favorited.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a thoughtful review! I appreciate your comments very much. I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying my characters and my story.

2007.10.06 - 06:35PM
10: Chapter 10

Yay, more! :~) It seems it's all a bit more out in the open in this universe, when even some things about the Doctor seems to be public knowledge. The question is if John knows that his father was an alien - that could be interesting. And even if he does, Penny's reaction will be just as interesting.

I'm also kind of waiting for the inevitable meeting with Rose Tyler, because she seems to have become a kind of legend here... She's like this prescence hovering in the background all the time, both for the characters and the readers, and we also have the backstory in mind. And that just adds another dimension to a story that's already sweet and engaging on its own, and I'm going to stop now because if I don't I might just start repeating what I've said before, which is basically that I love this fic.

2007.09.30 - 12:08PM
10: Chapter 10

If anyone going my Mustang bothers to review I know it's got to be worth a read, and oh my gosh, it is. Got it bookmarked now.

2007.09.30 - 04:16AM
10: Chapter 10

This is a lovely, lovely story. I like the mundanity of their everyday lives - with the Doctor and Rose sort of lurking in the background. It's beautifully-written, and you've set John up to be a very sympathetic character.

2007.09.13 - 06:56PM
9: Chapter 9

I've now read this through two separate times, the second being when I printed it out to read it again. I simply cannot find flaw in your style. The narrative is wonderful and your pacing is absolutely imbeccable. It's a completely original take that has been so well done you've left me begging for more.

I think that you've really written an endearing story, and given us two very believable characters- John in particular is very impressive because you're faithful to the idea that the Doctor is his father, but you don't make the mistake of making them too alike. You've done quite well with Penny as the narrator; she's lovely and you can feel an underlying personality which doesn't come off as forced. Brava.