2007.07.24 - 11:31AM
1: Chapter 1

LOL - was this all in French?? If so I'm impressed. J'adore la pizza... j'aime le Doctor et J'adore Jack (Harkness) who wouldnt!! I liked this lol. Please write more. !XD!

Author's Response: Yupp, all in French. I might write more, depends xD

2007.04.18 - 04:09PM
1: Chapter 1

LOL. I was kinda wondering what your teacher gave you too-considering the last sentence-but it was funny. :)

Author's Response: the last sentence i added as an after thought. made me and jess giggle in french.

2007.04.18 - 02:13PM
1: Chapter 1

ehm i liked it but im curious as to what mark ur teacher gave u for it lol :P

Author's Response: Hahaaaa. I got a level 7, which is the highest you can get ;-) and thanks.