Reviews For True Love

2007.04.16 - 12:58PM
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brilliant reunion everything in the right measures and not over the top. now all we've got to do is reunite them for real on the tv show! =P

Author's Response: Thats really kind! Thankyou :D

2007.04.16 - 12:28PM
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I love a bit of fluff-perfect example right there really-happy endings are always the best!

Author's Response: Aw! Thanks!

2007.04.16 - 10:49AM
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i really liked it, well done

pure fluff :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Not sure what pure fluff means but never mind!

2007.04.16 - 10:23AM
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Awww!! Soooo cute! God, those bloody Daleks, they just pop up when you could mostly do without them! Oh well, at least the couple are back together where they belong.

Lovely story, really beautiful!

Author's Response: I know! They are annoying aren\'t they?