Reviews For Pizza

2009.03.28 - 06:55AM
1: An attacking pizza?

Attack of the Living Pizzas!! that would be SUCH a cool movie!!

2007.07.19 - 08:37AM
1: An attacking pizza?

lol I agree with jackie it isn't very hygenic, couldn't have the Doctor ate the pizza of? lol

Author's Response: hehe that would be quit funny lolz =D

2007.04.22 - 09:01AM
1: An attacking pizza?

Random again but who cares anyway? Life is random and randomness rocks!!

Author's Response: lmao!! Thanks! =D

2007.04.12 - 04:32PM
1: An attacking pizza?

Makes me wounder if pizza's are safe? They as long as i eat them! Your on a roll! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks!! =D