Reviews For Replaced

2008.01.24 - 04:30PM
17: How Time Flies

Hoorayz for sorta-graphicy-torturey-bloody-stuffz! X3

For some reason, the Szaborgs make me think of giant cabbages with tentacles. Yes, I know I'm weird.

And poor Sophia! Pins and needles. How scary. :)

Best line everrrr - I wont hold it against you. Not many creatures like holding lumps of clay. Its been statistically proven.

So true, mate, so true... :) Clay iz made of ebilz.

[Loved It] The moddiez should totally bring back the rating system... and add teh Love It button of lurrrveeeee....

Author's Response: Hooray indeed. LOL, I think you\'d better go back to chapter six for a description of the Szaborgs. Or chapter seven. When was it they were introduced? o_O Pins and needles isn\'t scary... but being shot is , and that\'s what it feels like to Sophia during the pains of soul separation. Poor her. I happen to love clay, but I know a lot of people who don\'t and that\'s why I put the line in. :P Ah look, another person! Thankies... and... they should bring back the ratings system but they won\'t, cause they like tidy... :( I love messy!

2008.01.24 - 10:51AM
17: How Time Flies

*squee's* "He's Mr. Wacky!" =P You are very wacky... not understanding how much I wait for this for my fav oc. XD

Poor Sophia, I dunno if it would be for the best she doesn't know, or if she does? If she did she would panic, and then proberly go mental. Lol! If she didn't... she would be pissed off when she did find out the truth. Yay! The head in the door act!

But I cant wait for you to update. I wanna know the Doctor's plan!

[Love It] *stares sadly at where the buttons use to be*

Author's Response: I probably am wacky... but only Mr. Wacky gets the privilege of being called so in public, in his rock garden. :P Anyway... poor everyone, just to get that over with, since everyone is feeling some kind of pain and I can\'t be bothered to write them all out. Sophia will never know! *cackles* And thankies! ^^ The buttons shall never be forgotten...

2008.01.23 - 02:51PM
17: How Time Flies

Ouch. Poor Doctor. A bit of an understamement I know...

And him not telling Sophia was for the greater good. I still stubornly believe he is in love with Rose and is just trying to delude himself and I can't wait for the next chapter. Loved it.

Author's Response: The promised torture finally comes! :P LOL, of course he\'s in love, but we all know the tension has to be built Very Very Muchly before they can get anywhere near to a romantic relationship. And thanks for all these reviews... glad to have you back!!!