Reviews For Replaced

2008.01.23 - 02:45PM
16: Cowards

Ahhh... *Understands why you were ranting on MSN about the TURDIS* All becomes clear...

Gee, you're really being nice to Rose in this story. And the tourists! Why kidnap them when he knows what their real weakness is?.. Go for the cameras!

Author's Response: Haha! You didn\'t know? Oh my god. *is imagining what I must have sounded like raving about turds and suchlike* Ooops... Yes, the cameras! The cameras must die! :D

2007.12.31 - 03:02PM
16: Cowards

Doppelganger/Rose! It's the new ship that everyone is shipping!




Author's Response: LOL, as you well know from MSN I just had to write TURDIS and syringes... and Doppleganger/Rose is such a good ship! Although their relationship may stop being shippable soon...

2007.12.31 - 03:00PM
16: Cowards

Poor Rose, poor torists, poor Doc! Sophia been checky... as normal, darky been... dark and Doupleganger been evil. Him and darky should get marrid! :P

I hope the next chapter has more Sophia XP We want more! We want more!! *begins persion*

Author's Response: You neglected to say poor TARDIS! I mean, how would you feel if you were called a turd, or something near? LOL. Darky/Doppelganger... hmm... personally I\'m rooting for more Rose/Doppelganger, but I see your point. XD The next chapter will probably have more Sophia... nothing can have less Sophia than this chapter. Although Chapter Eight didn\'t have her at all, I seem to remember... at least you got a tongue-poking scene this chappie! LOL. And what\'s a persion? Do you mean petition?