Reviews For Replaced

2007.08.15 - 09:01AM
9: The Szaborg Plot

Sorry, couldn't review before, I was on holiday. I have a lot of catching up to do...

Wow. This chapter was definately worth the wait :) I especially like Rose's dream scene, it was very well writen. Poor Doctor though! Hope that his doppelganger doesn't meet up with Rose and Sophia. That wouldn't be good...

Before I red the rest of the stories that I've missed while I'm away, I have to see why you won't write Rose anymore. Hope you change your mind about that :)

Author's Response: That\'s OK about being on holiday. You can see from yours and my reviews of the Oncoming Storm\'s stories how much I\'m on holiday, and how much I miss! At least you review when you get back :P Hope you had a nice time! Thanks for the comment on the dream scene. And the doppelganger is going to meet Rose and Sophia, that\'s not too much of a spoiler. *laughs evilly* I\'m gonna have fun writing their meeting... It is called \'Replaced\' after all... Sorry, though, I\'m not going to write Rose any more after I\'ve finished the After the End Series and Future of the Daleks. And maybe after I\'ve finished all the fics I haven\'t finished with her in, for reasons on my author\'s page, in a recent update. And I won\'t be changing my mind! Sorry! But I will say this, you may be in for a little surprise...

2007.08.08 - 03:21PM
9: The Szaborg Plot

Woo! You updated! Y'know, I was starting to wonder whether you had abandoned us or whatevers. The Szaborgs scare me...

[Love It!]{-----

Author's Response: Woo! Yes I did, and the reviews are coming in! Two so far... oh well. Quality, not quantity, as they say, y\'know. Thanks for the Love It button! And the Szaborgs scare you? They scare me too! *hides* No seriously. I get chills when writing them. Occasionally. Anyway, thanks again.

2007.08.08 - 01:13PM
9: The Szaborg Plot

*runs around madly at the fact of a new chapter* YAY!! Chapter, Sophia, Rose, Doctor Szaborg's (I better have spelt them right this time...) The Dark One! X) Today can't get any better! And I see how it leads to the very end of your big ending... (which from the perview on your site looks ace!) I can't wait for the next chapter, as this plot is just brilliant! [Love It] {----- I think everyone should know it by now!XD Please update soon!

Author's Response: LOL! You have spelt Szaborgs right this time, well done! Although, technically the apostrophe shouldn\'t be there... Hey! Don\'t hit me! *cries* Anyway, I got your email, and I tried to send a reply but for some reason it won\'t work. But you will get it soon, I hope, as soon as my computer stops playing silly buggers with me. And BTW... the story doesn\'t foreshadow my finale, Cataclysm (well, it does, but that wasn\'t what I was thinking of). It foreshadows a story I will do after Cataclysm, with Jimbob and Martha - NOT Rose because I\'ve sworn to myself I will do no more fics with her in after my rant on my author\'s page - called... I\'m not telling! You\'ll have to see! And thanks for saying Cataclysm looks good, I must say I am getting pretty excited about it! I\'ll update soon with any luck!