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2007.06.06 - 01:58PM
7: Sense of Intelligence

First, you're writing a NOVEL?!?!?
You brave person.

Second, *gack, choking, choking*!!!
You idiot Doctor!!! Did it not occur to him that there can be many traps in the same place?! They are really not having a good day...
And finally, so many quotes, so little time!
‘The enhancement machine does not belong to us,’ the Leader responded. ‘That is not part of our design.’
I can think of two occasions where words to this effect were used. First in the Parting of the Ways (Bad Wolf is not of my design etc.) then in Doomsday, (Sphere cyberman thingy.) How observant of me!
[♥ Loved it ♥] - New look "beyond loved it" button! Feel honoured, very honoured.

Author's Response: I used that quote deliberately - I wondered if anyone would spot it! I\'m glad you did. Yup I am writing a novel, and I\'m not really that brave, once you get into it it\'s quite easy. You should give it a go! I recommend it to anyone reading this. It lets you do things on a much more epic scale than in a comparatively small fic like this. And thanks for the ‘space age’ Love It button. And the review, of course.

2007.06.06 - 01:50PM
7: Sense of Intelligence

... he's back... and I bet he's meanier then before... but I fell happy the Dark One's back... kinda...? I love him as a character... hense the reason I've written/writing him, twice now! But poor Sophia... not a good day at all... not a good day for the Doctor and Rose... Well Rose maybe a little confused... omg I can't wait for more of this now! I'm really pulled in... because of the twist... the plot and the overall brillaince of it! ^_^ [Love It] {----- sorry but if that isn't worth it... then I'm stupid! Up-date soon... please! I will update mine if you update yours!

Author's Response: Yay, glad you love/like/enjoy writing the Dark One! So do I… duh! He’s back, he’s back, oh yeah he’s back… I will let you in on a little secret… I didn’t plan his appearance at all! I just wrote it randomly into this chapter, mainly to relieve the stress of exams, and just general annoyance at not being able to write him for a long time in any of my other stories. And now here he is! I agree with you, I’m being really mean to Sophia, Rose and the Doctor. Particularly the Doctor… well… you’ll find out soon what I’ve got planned for him. It involves the Szaborg Leader’s clay… I know you’re probably thinking, ‘WHAT?!’ But it’s true… and the title is there for a reason… and so are the brains! And I’ll stop now in case I give too many spoilers. Thanks for reviewing. And the Love It button is not pointless! BLASPHEMY! I worship the Love It button! *The Dark One hears, draws sword* Er, I mean, I worship you, Darky! *bows*

2007.06.06 - 01:31PM
7: Sense of Intelligence

I only have one word to say, and that is;

Author's Response: Better than EEEEP. RUN! Thanks for reviewing!