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2007.05.06 - 02:29PM
4: The Prison of Minds

AHHHHHHHH!!! *hides behind chair* The Doctor too dark... he scaring me!! So are the brains!! This chapter is very dark... a little too dark but beggars can't be choosers. *shruggs* Every chapter you get more acurate at writing Sophia! It's that phrase 'pratise makes perfect' and you've got her praticly spot on now!! A big round of apluase for 'deathman'!! *room fills with clapping* Can't wait for the chapter!!! And did you use something from another one of your stories? Because th e hoursehead seems fimiliar? I'm sure it's you story it sounds fimiliar to? I dunno? [Love It] {----- you know what it is... you would think the administer would take a hint by now wouldn't you?

Author's Response: Yes, very dark. And it\'s going to get darker... Hence the MA-15 rating. And about the horsehead... yes I have taken it from another of my stories, yet the significance of that will not be revealed until the next chapter, or the one after that. Well spotted though! Thank you so much, I\'m so glad I\'m writing Sophia well. I think you\'re right, it\'s definitely a case of \'practice makes perfect\'. At the start it was hard to write Sophia but now I\'ve got into it and it\'s fairly easy... The next chapter will be up within the week. And about the love it button - I\'m seriously thinking of demanding one. It would be soooo flattering :-)

2007.04.30 - 11:40AM
3: Dreams and Screams

Update soon or else I will come round to your house/flat/space ship!*

*delete as appropriate.

Author's Response: Ha ha! Funny person! *deletes all and writes \'cardboard box\'* I will update soon, no worries!

2007.04.29 - 03:28PM
3: Dreams and Screams

Hope Sophia doesn't get into any trouble. What am I saying, she probably will... Loved the chapter, good set up for the action. Don't know when the action will be, but it's a great set up for when it happens. Wonder who the screaming person is?

Author's Response: Yay for settering uppering. Or however you say \'the verb to set up\'. I cannot tell you who the screaming person or if Sophia gets into trouble, but all will be revealed next chapter, which (coincidentally) is when the action starts! Thanks for reading, reviewing and enjoying, and soon there will be more for you to read, review and enjoy (hopefully)!

2007.04.29 - 03:21PM
2: Hall of Dreams

Great. Missed another update. I have really got to stop doing that. Anyway, still great so far! I'm paying attention to the details, just like you requested :)

Author's Response: That\'s OK if you missed it. I don\'t mind if you don\'t review it at all so long as you enjoy it. I\'m glad that you are. And yes, there\'s one sentence which looks like an insignificant joke at first sight, but is extremely important to the story when the action begins!

2007.04.29 - 02:29PM
3: Dreams and Screams

This story is great, fantastic, brilliant even. I'm hooked.

Author's Response: Wow! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

2007.04.29 - 01:38PM
3: Dreams and Screams

Yay!!! A new chapter!! I've been waiting for this for ages!!I don't mind you using my poem! Glad it gets a little more use!! Brilliant chapter! Love the fact Sophia stayed behind, been her seperate self as she can be! I don't what to say really! I just love this story as it gives me a chance to see how over people see Sophia! I can't wait for more... since my story has with Sophia has finished. Except my new one! Can't wait for more!! [Love it] {---------- Thats the love it button!

Author's Response: Aww... all these wonderful reviews!!! Especially this one! At first I didn\'t think this story was that good, but other people do and that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside (that is SO cliched now). Thank you for not sueing me (Joke) I really must stop this (Joke) business. I can guess it will get quite annoying. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH times three million and twelve for these FANTASTIC comments. And the love it button! SQUUUUEEEEE!!! This review is just too brilliant!

2007.04.21 - 10:15AM
2: Hall of Dreams

Question? Has Rose been made to forget the events in 'At Time End'? Because she can't reconise him? But the Doctor does. So is it before or after 'At Time End'?

Author's Response: Before. If you read At Time\'s End closely (which I don\'t expect you to do, but just if you want to) there is a sort of tension between the Doctor and the Dark One, like they\'re old enemies. In Chapter 10 or 11 the Doctor says something like \'He\'s done it. He\'s beaten me again.\' This obviously implies that they\'ve met before. In Chapter 19 or 20, when the Dark One attempts to fly away with the TARDIS, he contacts the Doctor and teases him by saying \'I\'m going back to Lilula? Remember Lilula? The place which I tried to destroy, but you stopped me...\' I haven\'t really outlined their first meeting yet, but something happened to the Dark One on Lilula at the hands of the Doctor, and he wants revenge! This story takes place before At Time\'s End. Maybe even in a different universe, because Sophia is in it... Unless you or I can be bothered to think up some long-winded explanation of how she got here, I think we\'ll just call this story a spin-off with no continuity to the show, my stories or yours. It\'s the simplest option!!! Hope that clears it up. And thanks for the review, even if it was a question review!

2007.04.16 - 04:40PM
2: Hall of Dreams

Oooh, I just started reading this, but I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad it\'s enjoyed. What happens next will hopefully be revealed soon...

2007.04.16 - 09:19AM
2: Hall of Dreams

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! New chapter!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) Loads of smilies! I love it! And I saw your relation towards your other stories. The statue...was it the Dark One?! And the refrence to Lulia! Brilliant!! When the new chapter gonna be up!!! :) I can't think what to say I just love it that much! [Love it]

Author's Response: Yes, the statue was indeed the Dark One! Everyone is probably thinking \'Why do you keep leaving references to that bloody warlord everywhere?\' Well, the answer is, it\'s leading up to my big finale. So all the references and stuff should eventually mean something. I\'m glad you liked them, and the story. I will be updating soon, so no worries!!!

2007.04.12 - 03:18PM
1: The Museum

great chapter, off to a good start like always =P
love the banter between the three of them and loved the title of the book the doctor looked in and when he covered up the title to stop rose from seeing it and laughing. lol. =) cant wait for more XxX

Author's Response: Yay for banter! Such fun to write and so amusing. I\'m glad you thought so too. I always look forward to your wonderful and insightful reviews... I\'m writing Chapter 2 as I write this response, so it should be up very soon. I hope you enjoy it when it comes!

2007.04.12 - 08:50AM
1: The Museum

Ooh, dream museum, sounds fun! Unless it shows nightmares as well, then it wouldn't be fun at all! Anyway, great opening, and Sophia seems to be right :) I look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: VERY fun. Well, to start with it is. Then it becomes... let\'s just say less fun. Especially for the Doctor... Thanks for the review, and for the encouragement on my Sophia writing. It\'s much appreciated and goes to a good cause - my imagination overloading! More will come soon. Very soon.

2007.04.12 - 08:39AM
1: The Museum

Brilliant! please update soon!

Author's Response: Will do :-)

2007.04.12 - 08:36AM
1: The Museum

*clapping like a lunatic* YAY, your wrote her perfectly!! I knew you could!! This the perfect opening and everything's perfect!! I can't wait to find out more!!!! *looks around the room* the house is empty... right perfect time to get rid of it... *Runs round the room due to TMDW) weeee!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!! :)

Author's Response: WOOOHOOOOO! Glad you think I wrote her well, and started the story well... I just hope I can keep it up, as from the reviews I gather I have three people to impress... Alas, Too Much Doctor Who is a common syndrome. I have it too... Although unlike you, I don\'t channel it by running round rooms, I channel it by killing off loads of my characters. *evil grin*... The next chapter will come soon....