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2007.06.21 - 07:37AM
8: Bio-Data

I have sooo much catching up to do! but I think this story is brilliant, plus I love that you've been able to use Sophia and I think you've written her character well, (*adds to faves*) :-) XX

Author's Response: Thanks so much for devoting yourself to catching up with my story. I wouldn\'t if I were you, but we all know how lazy I am! Thanks for the encouragement on my Sophia writing. She has been a pleasure to write, and this review has been a pleasure to read. I\'m glad this story has got another favourite... it\'s got four so far... it\'s creeping up on At Time\'s End, with ten... well, almost... :-) More will come soon!

2007.06.20 - 01:49PM
8: Bio-Data

I agree with The Oncoming Storm, the "Two Storms" title is amazing! But this chapter takes that word to a whole new level :)

‘Rassilon, save me,’ the Doctor murmured, turning his head sideways as if towards the object of his prayer, but keeping his eyes on the moving statue as if he so much as looked away for a split second he would die.

Well, this line was brilliant! I loved it! And it seemed like a reference to the episode Blink! Don't know if it was intentional, but it seemed like one to me!
The title makes horrible sense now. Oh dear. Oh no. And other short sentences begining with the word "oh".
Really though, you have to update!!! I need to now what happens!!! And before I forget,
[Loved it]™
(I've trademarked it now!! It's all mine!!! Mwah ha ha! Oh OK, it isn't mine really, I'm just steal- borrowing it. And trademarking it.)

Author's Response: Wow, I thought the \'Two Storms\' thing would just be some random nickname which would be forgotten sooner or later, but rejoice, both of its \'members\' like it! So I will have to use it more. You are good at spotting references, aren\'t you? The line was indeed a tribute to Blink. Yup, the title finally makes sense... dun... dun... DUN! I will update soon as you ask, but I\'m busy laughing at your trademarking of the Love It button. Not sure The oncoming storm is going to be too happy... Here goes the \'Clash of the Storms\'... *settles back to enjoy the show, munching popcorn*

2007.06.20 - 01:10PM
8: Bio-Data

'The Two Storms'... wow! We have a title!! ^_^ Great chapter! No Sophia or Rose but hey... the Dark One, the... sorry if I spell their name wrong... Slazborg's! Who could ask for more!! And the title finally makes sence!:P Sorry... I cant wait for the next chapter! [Love It] {---- I think nearly everyone knows what it is! :P

Author's Response: Yay for the title! Sophia and Rose will be in the next chapter, which will be fairly emotional since all that has happened so far is humour and action. Sorry about their absence - I missed them too! And you almost spelt \'Szaborgs\' right, a very good try! Better than me... I\'m always mis-spelling their names... Thanks for the review, and the Love It button. I think we should have a short cut key for it now... say, like, I type \'LI\' and everyone would know what it is... see how lazy I am? More coming soon!

2007.06.06 - 01:58PM
7: Sense of Intelligence

First, you're writing a NOVEL?!?!?
You brave person.

Second, *gack, choking, choking*!!!
You idiot Doctor!!! Did it not occur to him that there can be many traps in the same place?! They are really not having a good day...
And finally, so many quotes, so little time!
‘The enhancement machine does not belong to us,’ the Leader responded. ‘That is not part of our design.’
I can think of two occasions where words to this effect were used. First in the Parting of the Ways (Bad Wolf is not of my design etc.) then in Doomsday, (Sphere cyberman thingy.) How observant of me!
[♥ Loved it ♥] - New look "beyond loved it" button! Feel honoured, very honoured.

Author's Response: I used that quote deliberately - I wondered if anyone would spot it! I\'m glad you did. Yup I am writing a novel, and I\'m not really that brave, once you get into it it\'s quite easy. You should give it a go! I recommend it to anyone reading this. It lets you do things on a much more epic scale than in a comparatively small fic like this. And thanks for the ‘space age’ Love It button. And the review, of course.

2007.06.06 - 01:50PM
7: Sense of Intelligence

... he's back... and I bet he's meanier then before... but I fell happy the Dark One's back... kinda...? I love him as a character... hense the reason I've written/writing him, twice now! But poor Sophia... not a good day at all... not a good day for the Doctor and Rose... Well Rose maybe a little confused... omg I can't wait for more of this now! I'm really pulled in... because of the twist... the plot and the overall brillaince of it! ^_^ [Love It] {----- sorry but if that isn't worth it... then I'm stupid! Up-date soon... please! I will update mine if you update yours!

Author's Response: Yay, glad you love/like/enjoy writing the Dark One! So do I… duh! He’s back, he’s back, oh yeah he’s back… I will let you in on a little secret… I didn’t plan his appearance at all! I just wrote it randomly into this chapter, mainly to relieve the stress of exams, and just general annoyance at not being able to write him for a long time in any of my other stories. And now here he is! I agree with you, I’m being really mean to Sophia, Rose and the Doctor. Particularly the Doctor… well… you’ll find out soon what I’ve got planned for him. It involves the Szaborg Leader’s clay… I know you’re probably thinking, ‘WHAT?!’ But it’s true… and the title is there for a reason… and so are the brains! And I’ll stop now in case I give too many spoilers. Thanks for reviewing. And the Love It button is not pointless! BLASPHEMY! I worship the Love It button! *The Dark One hears, draws sword* Er, I mean, I worship you, Darky! *bows*

2007.06.06 - 01:31PM
7: Sense of Intelligence

I only have one word to say, and that is;

Author's Response: Better than EEEEP. RUN! Thanks for reviewing!

2007.05.22 - 03:05PM
6: The Trap Closes

I love it too! *me jumping on the bandwagon*
That was a cliffhanger. Yep, definately a cliffhanger. I'm attempting to stay calm...
You have to update!!!!
But as a reward for writing so many good chapters so far, here's a song for you, and anyone else that's interested:
Well I thought it was funny...

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you so much! That was certainly a cliffhanger... And I may not update that soon because I\'m ill... But, I promise you, it will be worth the wait. How modest I am... Well, normally I am, but I can\'t help feel proud of the next chapter or two. Thanks for the link! I thought it was funny too! I\'ll have to watch it again some day, LOL.

2007.05.22 - 02:59PM
5: Overload

Living dream? Okay, what book was that in? Cause I want to read it!!! But poor Sophia! If it was me, I probably would have chose that dream as well...
Also, I agree with you. I can read violence. I enjoy it if it's tastefully writen, but if anything has smut in it, gains an instant ignore from me I'm afraid :)

Author's Response: The book with the living dream in was Hypernova if you\'d like to read it. Very poor Sophia... although at the end, it will be the Doctor that you\'re feeling sorry for! How? Wait and see... Totally agree with you on the violence/smut thing. When I was slightly younger and more foolish I used to enjoy smut *blushes* But now I\'ve sort of grown out of it. That\'s weird. You\'d have thought I would have grown INTO it, but hey, such is life... Thanks ever so much for the comments. :)

2007.05.22 - 02:51PM
4: The Prison of Minds

Oh. My.
MA15 rating? Good thing I'm 15 then.
Ooh, dark Doctor, he scares me... and why Sophia, if it's highlighted, it's a trap!
And Deathman, sorry I haven't reviewed for several chapters, I didn't see the updates.
Don't blame me, I wear glasses! But I've added this to my favourites now, so I'll be notified when this is updated from now on :)

Author's Response: Thanks for adding this to your faves. Yes, it does have an MA-15 rating, I know there\'s no real reason for it yet, but, trust me, there will be... this will be quite a dark fic, with graphic violence, a disturbingly dark Doctor and horrific images - eg. the brains, the Szaborgs\' torture instruments... Now do you see why? I agree, Sophia was a little bit stupid to click the highlighted dream? But as you say in your next review, any person would have, so it\'s not really her fault. It\'s OK if you haven\'t reviewed for a while, that makes it all the better when I find three new reviews! *rubs hands together excitedly* Thanks for the review, and the fave, much appreciated!

2007.05.22 - 01:13PM
6: The Trap Closes

Oo-er! *gulp*

It's really getting rather dramatic and exciting isn't it?!

[Love it]

And yes, I did steal the Love It button. Sorry! *blush*

Author's Response: I love writing dramatic and exciting stuff, and the love it button! I don\'t mind you stealing it - I want as many people as possible to steal the love it button! And also, if you think it\'s dramatic and/or exciting now, wait until the next few chapters! Yay for my new monster!

2007.05.22 - 12:56PM
6: The Trap Closes

AH!!! Sophia! Rose! Doctor! *runs in the middle of the room**gets funny looks from them all* Okay... maybe not! *runs away* Right... that was scary... Me likeing what I read! But a question... from the bit about the Ood... she seemed a little scared of them. Did you know she hates them? She hates anything to do with spaghetti really. Like you... a bit... well only with the anti-spaghetti approch...

Anyway great chapter! Even if you didn't know about the whole spaghetti hater thing... it has been mentioned in one of my fics... my re-write of The Impossible planet/Satins Pit.
Anyway can't wait for more!! :D [Love It] {-------- the Love It Button... I mean... come on!

Author's Response: Yay for scaryness-ness! Poor Sophia, Rose and the Doctor... They really don\'t know what they\'re facing up to... oh, the Szaborgs are just the foot-soldiers (to quote from that bloody episode, EOTD), up and coming is one of my most powerful and dramatic creations yet... *rubs hands together* There\'s been no real reason for it to be called \'Replaced\' yet, has there? Well, there soon will be... Anyway... you\'ve re-written the Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit??? *does double take* Oh yes, so you have! New review approaching, repeat - new review approaching! About the spaghetti... damn you spaghetti! You win this time! I didn\'t know about Sophia\'s dislike for it! I\'ll have to write that into the next chappie! Thank you for the comments, and the love it button! Wooohoooo!

2007.05.17 - 02:25PM
4: The Prison of Minds

Ooo, creepy, creepy, creepy. I like it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I like writing creepy things. It\'s fuuuuun...

2007.05.17 - 12:40PM
5: Overload

List of things to do... 1) Scold Sophia for causing trouble. 2) Cuddle her, trying to make her feel better.
3) congratulate on the brilliant chapter I have just read... wait I'm doing this now!:P

Great chapter... really great chapter! But poor Sophia... stuck with a dream that has just come to life/ was alive! I think she might have gone deaf? But I wonder if you're brinning someone back from that story the dreams from? The whole idea of the dream as such and the not telling of how was behind the dream before! It makes you wonder? anyway reading your info bit before the story, seeing if anyone wants to write the 'Dark One', makes me wanna write him again? he was fun... but I wouldn't know what to use as a plot? Although? I do have a story... well two coming soon, but one needs a villain? So I wonder... actuly no... that ages away to think like that! I wouldn't mind using him again but that's greedy? Anyway where was I... oh yeah... can't wait for more! :P

Author's Response: Aww... you shouldn\'t blame Sophia. It\'s not really her fault... well actually it is, but I wouldn\'t tell her that. From what I read she\'s got quite a quick temper! I love your speculation on the chapter. As for your theory, I can\'t reveal whether you\'re right or not. But you will find out in the next chapter. To get it spot on all you need to do is try and remember the story from which the horsehead dream came, what Rose said at the VERY end of the chapter, and the summary. Happy thinking! About the Dark One, *drum roll, massive ceremony, posh voice* I grant you the permission to use him again! *end of ceremony* If you want to that is. Dear me, I can\'t believe once I didn\'t know you. I don\'t mean to sound sentimental by that, but it\'s sort of weird. Thank you so much for the review!

2007.05.17 - 12:35PM
5: Overload

*cue dramatic music*

Ooooh, what's gonna happen next? Update soon!

Author's Response:

Author's Response: Ooooh, dramatic music? Here goes - Dun dun da da dun dun da da dun dun, da da da da da da da da dun dun da da dun dun da da dun! If you put that to a dramatic tune, it sounds... dramatic. But if you don\'t it... doesn\'t, I suppose. Thanks for the review, I will update soon!

2007.05.06 - 03:40PM
4: The Prison of Minds

Really good! I'd really like an update soon (big enough hint? If not UPDATE NOW!!!)

Author's Response: Thank you. Very much. More soon. This hard. Two words. Noticed yet? Sorry. Nooo that last sentence was one word *OVERLOADS* Yes I know I\'m weird.