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2007.09.30 - 03:28PM
13: Mental Songs

"Sorry, Mel cannot leave a proper review, as she is busy choking on a fruit pastel after reading your chapter."

*slaps self on back* AH! That's better! Anyway, Black Wolf! Like, *shiver* Sophia really does scare me sometimes...

[Love It!]

Btw, didja receive that email with Jo's avatar of the Dark One on it? I sent her the link for the site and ever since I did that we've been making our OC's on it. ;D It's fun! I put mine on my bio. ;D Mainly because I can't draw the blasted girl... I USED to be able to draw, but now my evil new Art teacher (who is the spawn of Satan, NO kidding), has sapped away my creativity... *sob*

Anyway, funny little rant thingy; OVER.

[Love It!] (again!)

Author's Response: I know, she scares me too! Funny, really, that she\'s so nice at times, and can get VERY nasty. I suppose that\'s Black Wolf, not her... and now I\'M ranting, rather than paying attention to your mini-one, to which I can respond: My e-mail\'s a little crap, as TOS/Jo will know from previous attempts at sending things... and the mail will probably take a few days to arrive! But thanks for letting me know... yay, an avatar of Darky! *dances madly*

2007.09.30 - 02:33PM
13: Mental Songs

*had a very hard choice which story to read first* I really couldn't decided which to read... but I'm glad I choose this first. Black Wolf is included with Sophia, so no worries. :) And I was hopeing you would us him, since I wanted to see how you took her change. And boy... was I frilled over it! I was clinging to my seat as I imagined her change, the same as I would imagine it, but more excited by the fact you wrote it!! *is hyper* I really can't wait for more of this! I must say, I really am hyper!! XD *calms down... a little* I am going to use this to finish my last chapter to SOM, which is nearly done! XD [Love It]x100 and it really deserves it!! *dances and runs to Dragonstone and write chapter*

Author's Response: Yay... thank God. Black Wolf is included! Yay! I\'ve said \'yay\' twice... which must mean I\'m hyper! Weeeeee! *imagines self flying into space* Fly me to the moon.... I\'m gonna.... eat up all the stars.... Thanks about the change scene. \'Twas hard to write without repetition... but fun in the end. I particularly enjoyed the soul jug... LOL! Only I could think of such a crazy metaphor... *slaps head... NOT with mallet* More will follow.... and I read your SOM, and it made me look like this... ^...^ I was just so dazed with the brilliance of it! And have you read \'Dragonstone\' yet? I see no review... :/ And I\'m probably sounding like an impatient baby, but... please do!

2007.08.28 - 12:24PM
12: The Dark One Rising

... What a way to update!! Poor Sophia! *cries* crushed by a tree... what a way to be stopped... I think? But Darky has risen! And causing a lot of pain within a matter of moments... And bad copy Doctor! As if you lose the TARDIS keys! I can't wait for this to be updated! Even though I'm in Flordia... on a hotel computer, so wont know until I have the dollars to get on again... :/ God... I cant wait for more money to be on my phone... then I can read it on my phone! Unless, it doesn't all fit? *hits computer screen* Can't wait for the next update! And the new story, for '13'! Mine are been written now... and my finale is so big! its gotta spread over three parts... ^^ Anyway, from Flordia to where ever you are, [Love It] {---------- the Love It button! and [Love It] kitten! {---- the love it kitten!! :P

Author's Response: Yay! You\'re back! Even if if you are paying to read it... poor you... I can\'t imagine being away from Whofic for more than a few days! And I\'m honoured that you chose to review my little story with your money! VERY honoured. The Dark One has risen! Yay! And I\'m being a little mean to Sophia... but not as much as I am being to the Doctor... wait till you see what the Szaborgs do to him... The first story of \'13\' has currently got five chapters, but I\'m only going to post it when it has a few more, to keep ahead of the game. And your finale sounds epic... I love the title \'War upon a broken sky\'! So dramatic! I can\'t wait for them! And mine... they\'re epic too... incredibly epic. Not quite as epic as Dragonstone, though... NOTHING can be as epic as Dragonstone. And if it can, then... wow, you\'re a genius!!! Which I already know... but hey... this response is getting kinda long. So I\'ll stop now! Thanks for reviewing though!

2007.08.27 - 02:16PM
12: The Dark One Rising

And that isn't even the Doctor!!!

Poor Rose! And it's even worse for Sophia! I liked this chapter!

[Loved it]

Unfortunately, my internet access has vanished for now, so I won't be able to access this site, or my e-mails (*cries*) for a while. So if anyone updates or review my stories, I won't know :(

That sucks.

So bye for now. Hopefully it'll all be sorted soon...

Author's Response: Oh and how do you know? :P Very poor everyone! Very, very, very. Glad you liked it despite all the wounds and explosions and etc... Nooo! Please! Come back, internet access! First RANG\'s plot bunnies, now your internet! Damn you, gherkins! You win this time!!

2007.08.27 - 12:08PM
12: The Dark One Rising

Oh no. This is bad. Very bad. Worse than bad. Badder than -- hmm, I'll stop now.
And hooray for plotlessness! Sometimes, I feel that plotless chapters are better than ones with actual plots. I actually started writing a plotless fic which was supposed to just be a filler between 'Child of Time' and my next main fic, but somehow that one did end up with a plot. I don't know how that happened. I just realised that there was a romantic plot buried amongst it all.
And talking about 'Child of Time', I was going to try and write and post a new chapter today, but as soon as I opened the Word document earlier, the bunnies packed up and disappeared. *grumbles*

Author's Response: Wewy, wewy, WEWY BAD!!! Bad Darky! Nooo! Come back, bunnies! I was looking forward to the next chapter of Child of Time... even though I haven\'t reviewed it... O.O Oh well...

2007.08.22 - 06:35AM
11: Enhancement Machine

Oooo... the mystery deepens! The Dark One is evil... pure evil I tell you!
I've seen pics of the Dark One -- the one you sent to Jo (The Oncoming Storm) -- and I hope you don't mind that she sent it to me, and the one she did. They're both very good... and very scary. *shivers*
[Love It!]{-----

Author's Response: Mmm... the plot thickens! And he\'s pure evil... SQUEE! I know! (Why am I squeeing at him being pure evil?...) I don\'t mind if TOS sent the pics to you... spread the news! Spread the picture! And if you think the pic is good then you\'re mad... MAD! But I\'m glad you are :D The Dark One really is quite scary next chapter... which should be up soon! Yay!

2007.08.21 - 03:57PM
11: Enhancement Machine

Who indeed...

Hooray, you updated! Wow, loved it! And the Dark One was being his usual dark self apparently...

[Loved it]

And hope you update/ write more then update soon :)

Author's Response: Yes, who??? Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ha! I did update! I must say I don\'t quite get the imperfect tense of the third sentence of the second paragraph. Why \'was\'? LOL! Thanks for the Love It button! (minus the tail end :P) I have written the next chapter already, and you\'ll be pleased (or not) to know that it\'s complete and unadulterated DARKY FLYING AROUND BLOWING UP STUFF!!!

2007.08.21 - 03:12PM
11: Enhancement Machine

Darky! Darky! He's been... dark! And another update before I go away! X) I just want to know, who put that brain that screams and the over brains that are there... And what's the Dark One gonna do when he see's Sophia and Rose. So many questions... so little time! Great chapter on the whole, though! I can't wait for more! I'm hoping to update Song Of Memories before I go, its a very bloody chapter! :D [Love It] Kitten {------- the love it kitten button!XD

Author's Response: Darky! Yup, being dark is his job! And I can\'t answer either of your questions, I\'m afraid, but I shall give you really small hints if you like. Actually... the Szaborgs put the brains in - I think that was all explained in Chapter 7 - but they didn\'t install the enhancement machine (which allowed one of the brains to display living dreams so that the Szaborgs could escape from the dream Rose had in Hypernova) so the mystery is - who did? The most logical answer would be the Szaborgs because they wanted to return themselves to the living world... but it\'s not them :P So who??? Yay, Song of Memories is going to be updated!!! Thanks for the review! And the Love It Kitten! It\'s taking over the world!

2007.08.19 - 08:03AM
10: See For Yourself

I forgot to mention (I'm always forgetting things...d'oh! *slaps forehead*) that I totally agree with what you said in your rant about reunions; they do get a bit taxing after a while, and there is far to many. I do prefer Rose, but I think Martha is a breath of fresh air, and is just as good as Rose was (in fact, she's probably better; she's on a more even footing with the Doctor).

I know I'm being a filthy hypocrite by saying that, seeming as I'm halfway through writing a reunion fic at the moment, but mines not one of the 'Rose returns, gets in the Doc's pants, has his kid later on, lives happily ever after' kinda reunion fic; Rose has actually gone missing, the TARDIS falls through the Rift, and he ends up meeting Rose's kid and whisks her away in the TARDIS. In other words; it's just a great big coincidence.

I'm not going to be writing anymore reunions after my one is finished (well, not Rose/Doc reunions anyway *evil laugh*), and I've gotta say, you've gotta write at least one reunion fic...

Anyhow; Mel's rant-thingy (It weren't really a rant, was it?), is now over, so toodley-pip! xD

Author's Response: LOL! Don\'t slap your forehead... you\'ve no idea how easily it can become a habit. At least you don\'t do it with mallets... *gets weird looks* Well, TOS will know what I\'m talking about... Anyhoo, what were you saying? Ah. Reunions. I agree with you on Martha... *licks lips at the very thought of Martha* and you\'re not being a big a hypocrite as me... I\'m still writing fics with Rose in... all right, you are as well... so we\'re equal in hypocrisy... Oooh, the plot of your story sounds good... it has piqued my interest now... and so has your last paragraph. Not Rose/Doc reunions, you say? Hmm.... Who else, I wonder...

2007.08.18 - 04:35PM
10: See For Yourself

Oh wow. It's not getting any better for them is it? Hmm, I'm enjoying the fact that they're in danger a little too much, aren't I? Oh well, I never said I wasn't evil :) I loved the last part! Definately a creepy moment.

(BTW, I agree, Rose reunion fics can get a little annoying after a while. Shame it's put you off of writing her, she's a great character. Sorry all Martha fans, I just prefer Rose, not that I don't like Martha of course :) Hope you'll still read stories with Rose in them! If they aren't reunion storyies...)

Author's Response: Nnnnn....OPE! (That\'s a \'nope\', BTW!!!) You\'re most certainly not alone in the evil club. And yay, someone else found the moment creepy! On the subject of Rose, well, it\'s not putting me off writing her, but I feel that after a huge rant about endless Rose reunions, doing more fics with Rose in would sound like hypocrisy on a BIIIIIG scale. I prefer Rose too at the moment, but I love Martha as well and I think I should give her a spin. And I will DEFINITELY still read fics with Rose in, if they\'re not stupid reunions. So There It Is. And thanks very much for reviewing again! :-)

2007.08.18 - 11:55AM
10: See For Yourself

*shivers* That last sentance was, creepy! But I wish I had that emoition I have... it suits me right now... oh well. Its the Dark One!!! =O And Sophia and Rose... STAY WHERE YOU ARE!! *cough* Can't wait for more! :D[Love It] {---- Love It Button!

Author's Response: I luuurve creepiness. Let\'s count the things I love... creepiness, death, tension, setting up, and killing off characters... And there\'s a lot of all of them coming up soon, so I\'m happy! About the emotion - erm... I\'m confused!!! I dunno, blame my tiny mind! In order, YAY FOR DARKY, why would they stay where they are, when I can make them walk into a trap? Mwa. Ha. Ha, and, thank you so much!

2007.08.18 - 11:51AM
10: See For Yourself

Oh noes! The Dark One! Well... I always knew he'd be coming back, but still -- oh noes, the Dark One!
And I'm jealous of your writing ability, it's much better than mine...

Author's Response: \'Oh noes!\' LOL! I\'ve had quite enough of that sentence this past month, what with the site problems and all that... But anyway, you\'re right, the Dark One\'s back! Well, he has been for three chapters, technically, but still, this is his first real \'shiver\' moment. Thanks times a million for the compliment, but we both know it\'s not true :P More coming soon!

2007.08.15 - 09:01AM
9: The Szaborg Plot

Sorry, couldn't review before, I was on holiday. I have a lot of catching up to do...

Wow. This chapter was definately worth the wait :) I especially like Rose's dream scene, it was very well writen. Poor Doctor though! Hope that his doppelganger doesn't meet up with Rose and Sophia. That wouldn't be good...

Before I red the rest of the stories that I've missed while I'm away, I have to see why you won't write Rose anymore. Hope you change your mind about that :)

Author's Response: That\'s OK about being on holiday. You can see from yours and my reviews of the Oncoming Storm\'s stories how much I\'m on holiday, and how much I miss! At least you review when you get back :P Hope you had a nice time! Thanks for the comment on the dream scene. And the doppelganger is going to meet Rose and Sophia, that\'s not too much of a spoiler. *laughs evilly* I\'m gonna have fun writing their meeting... It is called \'Replaced\' after all... Sorry, though, I\'m not going to write Rose any more after I\'ve finished the After the End Series and Future of the Daleks. And maybe after I\'ve finished all the fics I haven\'t finished with her in, for reasons on my author\'s page, in a recent update. And I won\'t be changing my mind! Sorry! But I will say this, you may be in for a little surprise...

2007.08.08 - 03:21PM
9: The Szaborg Plot

Woo! You updated! Y'know, I was starting to wonder whether you had abandoned us or whatevers. The Szaborgs scare me...

[Love It!]{-----

Author's Response: Woo! Yes I did, and the reviews are coming in! Two so far... oh well. Quality, not quantity, as they say, y\'know. Thanks for the Love It button! And the Szaborgs scare you? They scare me too! *hides* No seriously. I get chills when writing them. Occasionally. Anyway, thanks again.

2007.08.08 - 01:13PM
9: The Szaborg Plot

*runs around madly at the fact of a new chapter* YAY!! Chapter, Sophia, Rose, Doctor Szaborg's (I better have spelt them right this time...) The Dark One! X) Today can't get any better! And I see how it leads to the very end of your big ending... (which from the perview on your site looks ace!) I can't wait for the next chapter, as this plot is just brilliant! [Love It] {----- I think everyone should know it by now!XD Please update soon!

Author's Response: LOL! You have spelt Szaborgs right this time, well done! Although, technically the apostrophe shouldn\'t be there... Hey! Don\'t hit me! *cries* Anyway, I got your email, and I tried to send a reply but for some reason it won\'t work. But you will get it soon, I hope, as soon as my computer stops playing silly buggers with me. And BTW... the story doesn\'t foreshadow my finale, Cataclysm (well, it does, but that wasn\'t what I was thinking of). It foreshadows a story I will do after Cataclysm, with Jimbob and Martha - NOT Rose because I\'ve sworn to myself I will do no more fics with her in after my rant on my author\'s page - called... I\'m not telling! You\'ll have to see! And thanks for saying Cataclysm looks good, I must say I am getting pretty excited about it! I\'ll update soon with any luck!