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2008.01.24 - 04:30PM
17: How Time Flies

Hoorayz for sorta-graphicy-torturey-bloody-stuffz! X3

For some reason, the Szaborgs make me think of giant cabbages with tentacles. Yes, I know I'm weird.

And poor Sophia! Pins and needles. How scary. :)

Best line everrrr - I wont hold it against you. Not many creatures like holding lumps of clay. Its been statistically proven.

So true, mate, so true... :) Clay iz made of ebilz.

[Loved It] The moddiez should totally bring back the rating system... and add teh Love It button of lurrrveeeee....

Author's Response: Hooray indeed. LOL, I think you\'d better go back to chapter six for a description of the Szaborgs. Or chapter seven. When was it they were introduced? o_O Pins and needles isn\'t scary... but being shot is , and that\'s what it feels like to Sophia during the pains of soul separation. Poor her. I happen to love clay, but I know a lot of people who don\'t and that\'s why I put the line in. :P Ah look, another person! Thankies... and... they should bring back the ratings system but they won\'t, cause they like tidy... :( I love messy!

2008.01.24 - 10:51AM
17: How Time Flies

*squee's* "He's Mr. Wacky!" =P You are very wacky... not understanding how much I wait for this for my fav oc. XD

Poor Sophia, I dunno if it would be for the best she doesn't know, or if she does? If she did she would panic, and then proberly go mental. Lol! If she didn't... she would be pissed off when she did find out the truth. Yay! The head in the door act!

But I cant wait for you to update. I wanna know the Doctor's plan!

[Love It] *stares sadly at where the buttons use to be*

Author's Response: I probably am wacky... but only Mr. Wacky gets the privilege of being called so in public, in his rock garden. :P Anyway... poor everyone, just to get that over with, since everyone is feeling some kind of pain and I can\'t be bothered to write them all out. Sophia will never know! *cackles* And thankies! ^^ The buttons shall never be forgotten...

2008.01.23 - 02:51PM
17: How Time Flies

Ouch. Poor Doctor. A bit of an understamement I know...

And him not telling Sophia was for the greater good. I still stubornly believe he is in love with Rose and is just trying to delude himself and I can't wait for the next chapter. Loved it.

Author's Response: The promised torture finally comes! :P LOL, of course he\'s in love, but we all know the tension has to be built Very Very Muchly before they can get anywhere near to a romantic relationship. And thanks for all these reviews... glad to have you back!!!

2008.01.23 - 02:45PM
16: Cowards

Ahhh... *Understands why you were ranting on MSN about the TURDIS* All becomes clear...

Gee, you're really being nice to Rose in this story. And the tourists! Why kidnap them when he knows what their real weakness is?.. Go for the cameras!

Author's Response: Haha! You didn\'t know? Oh my god. *is imagining what I must have sounded like raving about turds and suchlike* Ooops... Yes, the cameras! The cameras must die! :D

2008.01.23 - 02:33PM
15: Midday to Midnight

She's been separated?! That can't be good... Oh dear me.

Yes, sorry about not reviewing. I didn't see the updates. Simple as that. But I'm reviewing and reading now.

Poor Rose though. Hope she'll be okay. Not only is she in the company of a clone thing, she also has a serious injury.

They are pretty much up the creak without a paddle. Sorry, but I couldn't think of a phase that fit as well.

Anyway, loved it.

Author's Response: No, not good at all. And it\'s OK... I almost never see updates. And I forget to add things to my faves so I\'m not reminded... *slaps head* Yeah, poor Rose indeed. She\'s with a nasty clay man, she\'s got a bleeding shoulder, and she doesn\'t realise she\'s Sophia and the Doctor\'s only hope. :P I like putting them all in danger... LOL. Up the creak without a paddle... pretty much sums it up. Although the Doctor still hasn\'t been tortured yet... so there\'s plenty more creak to navigate!!

2007.12.31 - 03:02PM
16: Cowards

Doppelganger/Rose! It's the new ship that everyone is shipping!




Author's Response: LOL, as you well know from MSN I just had to write TURDIS and syringes... and Doppleganger/Rose is such a good ship! Although their relationship may stop being shippable soon...

2007.12.31 - 03:00PM
16: Cowards

Poor Rose, poor torists, poor Doc! Sophia been checky... as normal, darky been... dark and Doupleganger been evil. Him and darky should get marrid! :P

I hope the next chapter has more Sophia XP We want more! We want more!! *begins persion*

Author's Response: You neglected to say poor TARDIS! I mean, how would you feel if you were called a turd, or something near? LOL. Darky/Doppelganger... hmm... personally I\'m rooting for more Rose/Doppelganger, but I see your point. XD The next chapter will probably have more Sophia... nothing can have less Sophia than this chapter. Although Chapter Eight didn\'t have her at all, I seem to remember... at least you got a tongue-poking scene this chappie! LOL. And what\'s a persion? Do you mean petition?

2007.12.01 - 01:03PM
15: Midday to Midnight

Lol, Sophia complaining about pins and needles? What has the Dark One done to her? *screams* i know which fic this one foreshadows... *cackle*

But seriously, I'm worried for them all now! [Loved It!]

Author's Response: I love that bit. If you paid attention you\'ll know what the Dark One did to her, and now she\'s feeling the effects. And ha! I know too... but I\' still not spoilering. Thanks for that certain button... and you should be worried!

2007.12.01 - 12:55PM
15: Midday to Midnight

Will be short since me feel crap.

Sophia's gone loco! Or going loco. Oo I know how it links in, and they wont cause its a really, really REALLY big story in the future. Ah well... I like this chapter! I just found it funny that Sophia remembers it a muesum to start with! XD Along all them dream... you have Sophia screaming over pins and needles. XP

[Love It]x100

Author's Response: Poor you... :( I hope you get better soon... and hope that the Plague of Whofic hasn\'t come back to... plague... us all! *crosses fingers* And there is a reason for Sophia\'s odd behaviour, one which the Dark One explained quite early in the chapter... but it will be explained again, in case you missed it... I\'m glad you didn\'t miss the tie-in, though, and that you\'re not giving away spoilers because it\'s a big story. At least, that\'s what I think you meant by \'I know how it links in, and they wont cause it\'s a really, really, REALLY big story in the future\'...? LOL. About Sophia screaming over pins and needles... LOL. Couldn\'t resist. Another symptom... thanks for taking the trouble to review! Even if you didn\'t talk to Timey... :\'(

2007.10.28 - 06:45AM
14: Paper Aeroplane

If this review makes no sense at all, it is because I am bloody knackered after 'sleeping' over at my mates. When I say sleeping, I mean, being noisy and annoying everyone else. ;)

;o The Dark One's gone loco! He's killing everyone! *cries* Don't kill Sophia, I'm attached to her! *huggles her*

[Loved It!]

Author's Response: Lmao! I do that a lot at sleepovers! Anyway... I\'m not going to kill off Sophia... I\'m too attached to her too! That was a lot of toos and tos... more than two! Thanks...

2007.10.27 - 02:27PM
14: Paper Aeroplane

Hang on... Is Rose dead or not? I'm confused... Again...

Poor Black Wolf! And Sophia! And real Doctor, because everyone's forgotton about him :(

You have to update this soon!

Author's Response: ...Damn, you noticed that. Well, that\'s a key plot point, and one of the reasons Black Wolf didn\'t put up more of a fight to the Dark One. All will be explained. And poor everyone! Real Doctor will be in the next chapter again... and I will update soon... just you wait!

2007.10.27 - 01:14PM
14: Paper Aeroplane

'0' Black Wolf! *runs and hugs the poor time wolf* Poor boy... look what the Dark One has done to you... T_T He may not be my fav character but I love him all the same. And the same for Sophia... poor Sophia. Oo You've just butchered both my characters! It was a great chapter... but both butchered... Oo YOu better make it up for Black Wolf soon! *shakes fist*

Please update again soon! I wanna know what the 'Doctor' gonna do to Rose and what The Dark One is gonna do to Sophia and Black Wolf.

[Love It] [Love It] [Love It] ^^

Author's Response: LOL. Sorry. Both Black Wolf and Sophia will get double revenge on the Dark One... But think of Darky! At the end of every story he\'s in he gets trapped in the Void or something like that! Anyway, thanks for the review. More will be coming soon, with the answers to your questions...

2007.10.02 - 11:06AM
13: Mental Songs

A quick note on what you said to Fire Storm about people not getting ill again. Well... I've gotten ill again! :( Its spreading along the contrey! *runs in fear*

Still loving this chapter! [Love it]

Author's Response: LOL! Poor you... hope you\'re feeling better soon!

2007.10.01 - 12:51PM
13: Mental Songs

Oh, by the way, at the end of the chapter you say "Sophia" is a "white eyes black haired girl". You may want to change the word eyes to eyed :)

(Sorry, it's my friends fault, her constant correcting of my bad spelling and grammar has rubbed off on me...)

Author's Response: Haha! Very good point! Off to change it now...

2007.10.01 - 12:44PM
13: Mental Songs

Lord of destruction, bringer of night, remover of hope and eraser of light...

That is unbelievably catchy...

I'm just happy I'm not ill anymore" And even better, a load of people are off school because of a near epidemic! I think if ten more people are off sick, the whole school gets closed for two weeks (please be true...)

Anyway, sorry I didn't review earlier, but I've only just had time to read this. My brother wouldn't stop hogging the computer.

Off to read Dragonstone.

Author's Response: Yay, I\'ve made a catchy rhyme! Although, personally, if I had to pick a bit that could catch on easily, I\'d instead choose \'Born in the Void, in the swirling womb...\' etc. And guess what... I\'m ill now! It\'s a blocked-up nose, and I\'m off school as I write this... Just watched the Sarah Jane Adventures (the CBBC episode) Verdict: Very silly, and doesn\'t really do much justice to Greek myth... but at least it was better than last week\'s 2-parter. But I\'m straying from the point... I think the mythical \'plague of Whofic\' could be real! Thanks for being a frequent reviewer... and I hope no one else gets ill now!