2009.07.15 - 09:28AM
1: Chapter 1

did sweet mild mannered Tosh make an unspeakable suggestion? Owen is too bad an influence on her

Author's Response: LOL may...be... :)

2008.04.13 - 11:32PM
1: Chapter 1

Heeheehee, Weevils are awesome lol!

Author's Response: Oh they so are!

2007.07.17 - 10:16PM
1: Chapter 1

Haha, I have the same problem as Tosh, lol... all those dirty-minded people I managed to get myself in with... Anyways, as to the story, it made me giggle, I can just see them freaking poor Janet out like that, lol.

Author's Response: lol I like Gwen\'s reaction.

2007.04.10 - 09:47AM
1: Chapter 1

You're right. It is funny. However it would be a lot funnier if there were no spelling mistakes to disrupt the flow.

Author's Response: Well, thanks for taking the time to comment. I\'m sorry for the mistakes, but I\'m severely dyslexic and I haven\'t had a chance to get my Beta to read it.