Reviews For Red is the Colour

2008.03.23 - 07:28AM
1: Red is the Colour

See this is what I get for wandering amongst people's fic after reading a Calufrax rec for something I'd already read, I find new fic I've not seen before by a favourite author and am reminded all over again WHY you're a favourite author.

Lovely story - just lovely !

2007.04.06 - 01:09PM
1: Red is the Colour

Aw, I loved this - an interesting bunch of people thrown together. Cool that you wrote it before we met Martha, because her dialogue was spot on huh? Very her.

Author's Response: thanks very much! Yeah, I wrote Martha based on that tiny glimpse of her we had in the post-Runaway Bride trailer. So if she sounds right... Yay! :-)