Reviews For Ginger

2007.07.19 - 08:27AM
1: Rude & Ginger

lol The Doctor is great but he can miss out the small things my mum would have done the opposite if i was ginger but i am not lol

Author's Response: lol =D

2007.07.15 - 09:44AM
1: Rude & Ginger

LOL, what happens if he doesnt like it. And he's soo slow nowdays... lol. !XD!

Author's Response: lol! Thanks for review!! =D

2007.06.22 - 09:41PM
1: Rude & Ginger

Okay, while I really can't imagine Ten being Ginger, this story was so cute! I love it, fantastic!

Author's Response: lol! He looks quite cute ginger! Anyway, THANKS!! =D

2007.04.30 - 03:00PM
1: Rude & Ginger

Oh no no no....

Soz, but I can't imagine Tenny with ginger hair...

Sorry, I get a funny looking mental image. Brunette Tenny is way more gorgeous...

Author's Response: lol! Its true he does look better brunette... but if your having trouble imagining it then go on my site ( Its on the homepage!! lol!! =D

2007.04.22 - 09:03AM
1: Rude & Ginger

I love it! Gingerness is just the best!
Rude and Ginger! Yay!

Author's Response: lol! =D

2007.04.05 - 05:31PM
1: Rude & Ginger

YAY! Rude AND ginger!

Author's Response: he he! It\'s great isn\'t it?!? =D