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Woof2009.08.12 - 03:34PM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
Poor Doctor. :( This story really kicks you in the gut. Well done, especially for such a short piece.

JJPOR2009.02.27 - 09:18AM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
This is very good; I don't know if it's dark so much as sad. I thought I'd stopped feeling pity for Ten after all his angsting, but that last line about looking ashamed... And I like your take on Martha too and on the whole issue of Doctors/companions in general. Very nice.

Gioia2009.02.27 - 02:45AM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
WOW. That just kicks you right in the gut. Very, very powerful fic, with such concise story-telling. Just...wow.

Settiai2009.02.26 - 11:06PM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
Oh, wow. This is haunting.

Elliptic Eye2009.02.26 - 10:44PM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
I cannot seem to kick my fascination with this fic. This is my third reading, I think, and it's just as good as the first. Deft and apt and very, very creepy.

ginger_rude2008.04.28 - 03:45AM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
Perfect. hee.

reserve2008.03.05 - 03:45PM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
I love the idea that this is some sort of ritual for the Doctor and that seeing it repeated and even performed is both erotic and, well, somehow wrong for him. I particularly saw that in "Smith and Jones" when he mouthed "It's bigger on the inside," with her, and also with the choice location of the TARDIS in a dark alley, as though the Doctor were truly some kind of hapless, yet brilliantly charming kidnapper, luring young women into another world -- and I suppose that's what he is sometimes.

Rude_and_ginger2008.01.26 - 10:12AM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
It's very werid, I think he's using her to watch ghosts. I thought he had an odd expression when Martha came down the alley too that freaked me out a bit.

Bellatrix2007.07.17 - 08:18PM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
Ooh. Hehehe. It's kinda amusing, but then there's that edge.. hm. I like it a lot, though. Especially seeing as he mimicked her words on the show. Clever thought.

Sournote2007.04.30 - 02:30AM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
poor doctor... wonder if he ever gets over Rose? I hope not, but it does hurt to see him so unhappy. You captured his pain beautifully.

Author's Response: Rose is... not quite the point, so much as he has been doing this for years and years, telling the same pretty story to each...

rutsky2007.04.04 - 11:30AM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
I can't tell you how excited I was to see a new story from you! And this contains the same sensibilities - sardonic, sad, sympathetic, sideways, shadowed - that I've enjoyed so much in other of your fics. You're right, this is unsettling, but writers *should* examine more of their ideas than the stable or expected ones. I have no problem with viewing the Doctor as you've presented him here, because patterns, habits, emotional liturgy are apt to develop in a creature as old as he is, and certainly so in the wake of what he had prior to Martha.

And may I say that I hope this piece presages more from you, both new and continuations of some of your other stories!

kalima2007.04.04 - 09:14AM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
new one coming in, poor thing. this is strange and awesome and somehow very...you.

aisling2007.04.04 - 07:30AM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
Oh, wow. That hurts.

RosesBud2007.04.04 - 04:08AM1: Step In, Step Out, Walk Around...Signed
Poor Doctor. A dark little take on that moment. I thought he looked pretty haunted too.

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