2008.02.09 - 02:10PM
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2007.07.28 - 04:52PM
12: Chapter 12

I didn't know you finished this!!


Oh. Poor Matt, he didn't really deserve to die. Hope Rose doesn't find out, she'd feel so guilty...

OR he could wind up in hospital with parallel Martha. I'm sure she'd take care of him...
Still, it's a great ending! Pretty unexpected. Any chance of an epilogue? Or sequel?

Zen Clarke
2007.07.14 - 04:40PM
12: Chapter 12

*slaps the bottle out of Matt's hands*

Matt: Oi--

Me: *slaps him across the face*

Matt: What was that--

Me: Look here, Mister! *has very stern face, and is pointing a finger at him* You will NOT throw your life away! While I realize that you loved her, that is NO reason to just...just...ER!!!!!!! *slaps him again* Now looky! You get your lazy butt out there, and go find yourself a girl! Cuz you diserve one, right!?!

Matt: ...YEAH!

Me: Yeah! Now go out there and get yourself a new girl! One who's BETTER!!!

Matt: YEAH!!! *walks out door* *gets hit by a bus*

Me: ...*blinks* Well...at least it was fast, he was slightly happy, and he didn't do it himself...*shrugs* Anyway, brilliant book!

2007.07.13 - 01:47PM
12: Chapter 12

Rose,Jack and the Doctor got their happy ending.
But poor Matt he didn't.

But at least Rose made the right choice in the end.

2007.07.05 - 10:12AM
11: Chapter 11

This is a great story I hope you can continue soon

2007.06.11 - 11:33AM
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go away Matt!!!
love the story, thank you so much!!!

2007.06.07 - 10:05AM
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Great chapter.

2007.06.07 - 09:29AM
11: Chapter 11

Yay, I'm the 42nd review! My pity for Matt decreased a little in this chapter. First he treats Rose like an object, then he annoys the Doctor. Way to go...
He's going to get violent in the next chapter, isn't he? Or he'll feel to depressed to do anything.
But yay! Rose chose the Doctor!! Well, there was never really much of a choice...

Author's Response: Like you said was there ever any other choice?? Thanks for the review XxX

2007.05.29 - 06:23AM
10: Chapter 10

Uh, Matt? I think you may be looking at the wrong guy...
Oh boy, the next chapter's gonna be good! Cue fireworks, explosions, bangs, several balloon pops (and I think you get the idea)...
Hope he doesn't take his anger out on Rose. She probably feels bad enough already. It would be so funny if Matt paired up with parallel Martha though...

Zen Clarke
2007.05.28 - 03:50PM
10: Chapter 10

Ok, I found this letter hidden umongst the Doctor's drawers...

The Doctor: Oi! What are you doing going through my stuff?!?

Me: Uhhh...Here's the note!!! *tosses it towards others and runs like heck*

The Doctor: Grrrrrrr!!!! *runs after her* Why do they always run? I just wanted to know!

Dear Matt,

Bite me.

Yours Hatefully,
The Doctor

Update soon please!

Author's Response: lol great review, thanks! =) *goes off laughing to herself*

2007.05.28 - 02:57PM
10: Chapter 10

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There's going to be fireworks!

2007.05.27 - 07:37AM
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Really though, he should be with someone that could help him clean up his act. And Rose is happy again! Yay!

Author's Response: You know however harsh i may have been on Matt, i do think that he really does deserve someone who cares for him the same way he does them, its just unfortunately not going to be Rose, i mean when the Doctor\'s around there is no competition, not really. thanks for the review! =)

2007.05.27 - 07:32AM
8: Chapter 8

I think it's safe to say she's now with the Doctor then :)
Lol! Loved the last line!

Zen Clarke
2007.05.26 - 04:47PM
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Author's Response: Thanks =P glad you enjoyed it.