Reviews For World As Myth

2013.09.06 - 03:19AM
1: "That's Impossible!"

As with your other stories, this was a wonderful way to delve into the conscious and sub-conscious of our favorite characters. I am, however, very sad that this is the last story in your list. I've read all of them through the waking moments of the past few days, stopping only to sleep, eat and use the loo... Not sure if anything I read from here on will be comparable. Thanks you, again, for spinning such wonderful webs. There aren't enough adjectives available to describe your stories.

2010.02.11 - 08:52AM
1: "That's Impossible!"

I've always loved Heinlein and I really like the way you integrated the two worlds together. Lovely job.

2007.09.19 - 08:20AM
1: "That's Impossible!"

I'm late jumping into this and sorry you're not planning a sequel (Gamestation??? I can live in denial :-) Very well done. Great characterization. Like all your stories. Love to see more!

2007.07.18 - 05:34PM
11: "It's not like I've never...."

Oh Wow love the story. Please write a sequel. I would love to see what you come up with next for them. Of Course I am interested in seeing how everything works out. Thanks for writing it in the first place.

2007.04.20 - 04:48PM
11: "It's not like I've never...."

Oh, this? Brilliant. Over here on NNWest's rec and I absolutely loved it :) Gorgeous OT3 and fantastic use of Heinlein's universe. I always loved the 'World as Myth' idea and it works so well for Doctor Who. Thank you for sharing this!

Now how about a sequel? *G* - Gillian

Author's Response: Thank you! (all of you - I\'m very bad about responding) Sadly, there cannot be a sequel. If you notice in the last two chapters, all three are dressed them in exactly the clothes they wore on the game station. There is a perverse little person in my head who insisted on that bittersweet little twist. However, I will admit that - thanks to the encouraging reviews I\'ve gotten - I\'m mapping out a short series that will bring the OT3 much a very NC-17 way!

2007.04.17 - 09:23PM
11: "It's not like I've never...."

I like this a lot and have rec'd it a few places. Great OT3, and while I haven't read the novels in the series this is crossed with, I do like Heinlein and will be seeking them out!

2007.04.14 - 10:14AM
11: "It's not like I've never...."

Wow! Aibhinn pointed me over here, and I'm so glad she did. Easily one of the best crossovers I've ever read. I don't know these particular Heinlein stories, but I didn't need to in order to follow this. The interactions were all wonderful, and I loved your explanation of Jack's missing memories.'s OVER? (Said with a sad puppy dog expression.) You left me wanting more! This is going into my favorites. And I certainly would not object to a coda sometime down the line.

2007.04.12 - 09:39PM
11: "It's not like I've never...."

Here from your post on better_with_3, on LJ.

And can I just say... wow.

This has got to be one of the most fascinating, well-written, in-character, and thoroughly amazing stories I've ever read, in years and years of various fandoms. I'm a huge Heinlein fan, and I adore the World-as-Myth scenario. You have done an astonishingly wonderful job of merging Doctor Who with Heinlein's characters and creating a story that sounds very, very much as though RTD and Heinlein themselves got together over coffee and wrote it. Some of the phrases ("happy female scent," I think was one) gave me such a jolt that I was literally thrown back to memories of first reading Time Enough for Love.

I can't say enough wonderful things about this story, I really can't. Just know that it's one I'll be coming back to, again and again and again.

2007.04.10 - 05:33PM
11: "It's not like I've never...."

Yay! I mean, not yay that it's over, yay at how it ended. Yay!

2007.04.09 - 05:42PM
10: "A gift from both of us."

Xephyr - stunned.


2007.04.08 - 11:41AM
8: "...time enough for love..."

Awwww. Tammy can fix anything! :) I know this is Doctor Who and Heinlein, but when Jack was thinking about a Hell specially designed for him all I could think of was Shepard Book warning Mal away from Saffron in the Firefly epsisode "Our Mrs Reynolds."

2007.04.07 - 07:47PM
7: "Have you been drinking?"

It was especially nice to see Jubal again. I know it's not likely, but I like to imagine Michael Valentine Smith napping on the bottom of the swimming pool. Looking forward to the next chapter. 8)

2007.04.07 - 03:45PM
7: "Have you been drinking?"

It was over too soon. A lovely party; I wish I were there. :) How could the Doctor resist Rose? And what was he talking to Tamara about? Hopefuly she was telling him to stop being an idiot!

2007.04.07 - 11:13AM
7: "Have you been drinking?"

LOL, loved it.

2007.04.06 - 08:09PM
1: "That's Impossible!"

I'm quite enjoying this, although I barely remember the Heinlein (as someone else mentioned, I did have a few "issues" with RAH's vision of the future). But the characters and interactions sing well here. My only slight jarring moment was hearing that anyone would read Nine's interest in Rose as more as a father than a lover...