Reviews For The Wilting Rose

2007.05.28 - 03:23PM
13: Chapter 13

The end is nigh...
Shame, I've enjoyed this story. It's really fun to come up with new reviews! Great chapter as always, everyones happy!

Author's Response: Cheers, im not sure how many chapters are left to do yet, could be 1, could be 2 or even 3 if were lucky lol =P

2007.05.28 - 02:53PM
13: Chapter 13

Great chapter.

2007.05.28 - 02:32PM
13: Chapter 13

tenny + specs = *thud*

that bloke has specs appeal! (sorry for the bad pun, i feel so ashamed now...) :)

2007.05.28 - 01:30PM
13: Chapter 13

Oooh those specs! He looks so damn gorgeous in them! Brilliant chapter, pretty intense in the middle!

Author's Response: Dont we all know it =P thanks for the review! XxX