Reviews For The Wilting Rose

2007.05.04 - 09:27PM
11: Chapter 11

I LOVE IT! that was the most fantastic chapter yet! AH! Have u seen evolution of the daleks? I think ur right with the living for Rose part, man how many times did he try and get killed! but it was a good episode. Sorry thats long and probably confusing, but anyeay that was great! u should have a look at my story :)

Author's Response: yep i did watch the episode and i think he truly doesnt care anymore, he\'s lost her and he\'s covering up the pain of losing her well but i think deep down he\'s lost the will to live when it comes to the daleks. thanks for the review!

Zen Clarke
2007.05.04 - 07:19PM
11: Chapter 11

Awwwe, he's so cute sometimes...ok, he's cute all the time!!! LOL! :D Update soon please!

2007.05.04 - 04:33PM
11: Chapter 11

So fluffy, so very fluffy! Wow, it was so romantic, then bam. The Doctor gets overexcited. Again. Some things will never change. But even that was sort of romantic, in a strange sort of way... I like Rose/ Tenth Doctor fluff...