Reviews For The Wilting Rose

2007.04.16 - 12:04PM
7: Chapter 7

great story
i love it x

2007.04.13 - 05:42PM
7: Chapter 7

Im gunnie be honest with yas, theres not many storys that grab my attention when i see them in the "most recent page" and until today, this wasnt. sowwy. But i though, hey, what the heck. Now ive read it, i am completly ashamed of myself for thinking that. You have honestly written this story so beautifully, and i feel so bad for Rose. Oh i do love hurt/comfort fics and i think this is the best so far. You better keep writing. Or else there will be red smoke emerging from my ears, and trust me, you dont want that. I WANT TO SEE MORE FIC!!!!!!!!! got it?

Author's Response: will do as soon as i can. thanks so much for this review, it means a lot to me to tell me what you think of it. XxX

Zen Clarke
2007.04.13 - 04:29PM
7: Chapter 7

Ok, does anybody else think that it'd make brilliant TV if in the 3rd season they bring Jimmy on and the Doctor gets mad and Martha has to stop him from killing him? ...Hmm...Just me then? *shrugs* Oh well. Update soon please!

2007.04.13 - 03:46PM
7: Chapter 7

I'm not really buying the reactions of Rose and the Doctor in this chapter. I think they're both more rational than this.

Author's Response: thanks for sharing. constructive critiscism is appreciated. will try and make them more rational. XxX

2007.04.13 - 03:11PM
7: Chapter 7

Aha! Jimmy Stone! I thought it would be something like that! What did he do to her all that time ago? Poor Rose! Update soon!

2007.04.13 - 02:39PM
7: Chapter 7

Yep - great chapter :) Poor Rose and poor doctor.

2007.04.13 - 02:11PM
7: Chapter 7

Great chapter.