Reviews For The Wilting Rose

2007.06.19 - 04:56AM
4: Chapter 4

i'm still loving it but could you please double space the dialog? it makes it easier to read.

2007.04.09 - 06:25AM
4: Chapter 4

omg- that was great!! is it just me, or is the doctor really sexy when he's angry?? *melts*

2007.04.08 - 06:46PM
4: Chapter 4

Aw, I think Adam peed himself! (I would say the other word, though i don't think it's allowed lol) Great chapter, looking forward to the next one! xx

2007.04.08 - 06:14PM
4: Chapter 4

The Doctor Is one of those guys that when he's angry/scary all the girls in the nearby vicinity go...*gah*...and who can blame us? Fantastically written though...I've loved every chapter of this!!

2007.04.08 - 03:59PM
4: Chapter 4

Can't really say I felt sorry for Adam. He deserved it. Ooh, scary Doctor! And annoyed Rose! What more can you ask for? Except another update of course!

2007.04.08 - 03:04PM
4: Chapter 4

Great chapter.
He does become very possesive when it comes to his Rose doesn't he?
Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: thank you very much for the review. really pleased your enjoying it so far! =)

Zen Clarke
2007.04.08 - 02:47PM
4: Chapter 4

Uhhh...does anybody have something to get my hand un-glued from my mouth??? I mean it! Do you have any idea how hard it is to type with one hand? Especially since most of the ones I need are on the opposite side of the keyboard...He had me scared; but I've come to the conclusion that I'll never name my child Adam; I have yet to meet one that was very bright...Anyway, update soon please! *tries to get her hand away from her mouth*

Author's Response: he did seem a bit scary didnt he? but oh so sexy dont you agree? lol XxX

2007.04.08 - 02:35PM
4: Chapter 4

Alright Doc!!! Lol, loved that chappie!!!!