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2012.01.04 - 08:58PM
1: ficlet

This is definitely something I can picture happening between the three of them. I like how you added in the feeling of Alison seemingly being an 'audience' they can perform for. It certainly makes sense, and the voices for each of them were very much in the right tone. Excellent job!

2007.04.02 - 11:35PM
1: ficlet

I just snorted lemonade out my nose XD (Ow!) Fantastic and FUNNY and I agree with the reviewer who said they should watch RHPS XD

2005.08.22 - 01:57AM
1: ficlet

Nice and cosy wee TARDIS fic. Loved it.

2005.08.11 - 03:07AM
1: ficlet


2004.04.03 - 04:42AM
1: ficlet

I'll review it here too. Great fic! Characterization is dead on and the dialog is excellent.

2004.04.02 - 05:50PM
1: ficlet

A horror musical, eh? Someone should suggest RHPS. They'd all enjoy it so much it's disturbing. BTW I loved this fic.

2004.04.02 - 04:11PM
1: ficlet

LOL! Loved the dialogue in this - very true to the characters!

the eighth doctors girl
2004.04.02 - 12:08PM
1: ficlet

Really good, very funny! :)