Reviews For Tea Time Visitor

the eighth doctors girl
2004.04.03 - 11:47AM
1: This is it

Very good! great job with the characters:)

2004.03.30 - 07:59AM
1: This is it

Loved it! The REG Doctor seemed so angry and bitter all the time - you've done very well with that, LOL! Loved his take on Tegan and Five, too!

2004.03.30 - 06:04AM
1: This is it

Loved this one! REG is dead on and I love the interaction with the Master.

2004.03.29 - 04:17PM
1: This is it

(anonymous becausethe site doesn't like my login today...) So perfect! The Doctor was every bit as grumpy as he was in Shalka... and the subtle (no? not subtle?) sexual tension WRT the Master was spot-on. Kudos!