Reviews For Martha & Steph

2007.05.20 - 01:52PM
1: Home

Could you please use the summary to give the reader an idea of what the sotry is about?

Additionally, it might be a good idea if you took a look at out Submission Guidelines (

I found Rose to be very out of character. The idea of her being so childish as to use the phrase 'Madame de-Pompaslut' is absurd. Her hitting the Doctor for 'cheating on her' is ridiculous. They aren't together and Rose is simply not that immature.

Author's Response: First things first, I\'ll change the summary if it bothers you that much. Secondly, Why do I need to read the submission guidelines? I\'m confused! I have read them before... but could you please tell me why I need to look at the guidelines, then that would be more helpful, thanks! And lastly, ok I\'ll admit, Rose is a little bit out of character, but she had to be to make the plot work, and if you notice, they kinda have to have been \'together\' in my story because otherwise how d\'ya think steph exists?? And we all say immature stuff when we\'re angry! =D

2007.05.20 - 01:47PM
3: Her Mum?

'am i not the love of your lives then?'
no you bloody well are not!!! omg that woman makes me so angry its unbelievable! poor rose, the doctor better sort out his priorities and do something to turn this situation around and quick! loved it, more please! =)

Author's Response: Thanks!! Will add more soon!! =D

2007.04.22 - 09:18AM
2: Bad Time?

Oh dear!

Author's Response: lmao!! =D

2007.04.21 - 05:32PM
2: Bad Time?

please update soon! I can't wait to find out what happens to the doctor!

Author's Response: I will... sometime... in the distant future ... probably later on!! =D

2007.03.27 - 05:28PM
1: Home

Hey, my name's Steph, no fair! *sticks out tongue* JK! I mean, my name is Steph-Stephanie-but I was kidding about the no fair part. Anyways, I liked it!

Author's Response: lol, thanks!!! =D

2007.03.27 - 02:35PM
1: Home

Flame. Flame Flame Flame. I'm flaming you. Flamee!!!!!!! *Pointing great big flame thrower and flaming story!!!*

Right, now that's out of my system and i've flamed you like I promised, good story, your best one yet!

Author's Response: HEY! You can\'t flame me yet!! Nothing has happened yet!! *pokes tounge out*

2007.03.27 - 01:34PM
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Good story

Author's Response: THANKS!! =D