Reviews For Never a Wolf

2014.07.05 - 10:31AM
1: Never a Wolf

Great and had the ring of truth. I hope once day you'll be inspired to pen more Ace & Seven but the Muse can be cruel.

2012.02.18 - 05:57PM
1: Never a Wolf

Here from Calufrax. Love it!

2012.02.18 - 01:16PM
1: Never a Wolf

Smile - you're on Calufrax:


2010.08.09 - 04:44AM
1: Never a Wolf

Aw, atht was rather lovely. :-)

2008.07.29 - 04:45PM
1: Never a Wolf

Something in the way you write Ace's feelings and realisations of being manipulated brings to mind her 'time conversation' with the soldier in Fenric.

A sense that she is growing up, and becoming more aware of the world around her.

Great fic :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much, both for reading and for the thoughtful review. It means a lot.

2008.06.27 - 04:25PM
1: Never a Wolf

This is great - we all know don't we, that even though Seven is this scary, dark, manipulative chess master, his heart(s) is/are basically in the right place, and he does love Ace, in his own way. Seriously, I really liked this, and the two characters seemed very true to their onscreen selves; my congratulations.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! And yes, I think we view Seven in very similar lights. Even through his darkness, he\'s still the Doctor, and that dichotomy is fascinating to me. I\'m glad this worked for you.

2007.03.29 - 11:16PM
1: Never a Wolf

You know I love this. Fenric is sooooo ripe for post ep ficcage...and Seven/Ace goodness.

Now all we need is a story where Seven and Ace mud wrestle outside the hut, in a sexually charged sorta way, lol.

Author's Response: Damn! That scenario didn\'t cross my mind and now I\'m wondering why. *laughing hard* Thanks for the feedback. *hugs you*

2007.03.27 - 12:40AM
1: Never a Wolf

*huggles* Ace and Seven! Yeah!

Author's Response: *twirls you* Thanks for the review!

2007.03.26 - 11:33PM
1: Never a Wolf

i agree we need more ace seven action. i especially love this relationship stuff. very well done. i hope you write more seven :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. I also hope to write more Seven. I quite adore him (and Ace!).

2007.03.26 - 11:10PM
1: Never a Wolf

This is great. The world needs more Ace and Seven, and views of the unusual loving relationship between them. hehehe.

Author's Response: Thank you very much.