Reviews For After Life

2007.03.26 - 08:54AM
4: Counting Down: London

This is fascinating.

Author's Response: Thank you.

2007.03.25 - 09:02AM
1: No Exit

Wow, great premise. You're a fantastic writer, look forward to seeing where you are going with this. Poor Eight! :(

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I\'ve got a very specific direction.

2007.03.25 - 02:26AM
1: No Exit

*winces* damn, poor Eight. Even as a mental-self that's gotta hurt.

Author's Response: Yes, this story is rather painful.

2007.03.25 - 02:22AM
1: No Exit

This is extremely alluring. As always, your prose is perceptive and intelligent, a joy to read: "heir memories are littered with the identities they grew out of, the stages of life they left behind. You can only see one difference; instead of a burning rush of renewal, they get a slow, creeping crawl. Less of a spring-cleaning, more of a perpetual tidying-up. " What a remarkably astute comparison of human and Gallifreyan identity! And Six's evaluation of Nine? "You dress like a thug." Wonderful...based on your comments, am I safe in trusting that there will be more?

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! Six and Nine are a lot of fun to write together, because they\'re so different in the obvious ways, and so alike in a few interesting ones. And there will be more. Quite a bit more.

2007.03.25 - 12:56AM
1: No Exit

Even before I scrolled down, I knew he was going to kick him. Poor Eight. Poor Nine. Poor Doctor. Excellent story.

Author's Response: Poor Doctor, indeed.

2007.03.25 - 12:52AM
1: No Exit

Oh man. Wow. That's really hard.

And really cool.

Author's Response: Thanks. I hope I can carry it off the whole way.