Reviews For After Life

2007.04.06 - 11:08PM
8: Counting Down: Again, Skaro

Wow. Great one. I expected the Original to be more defensive, but I guess Nine can be rather imposing lol

Author's Response: Sort of. There\'s a pattern.

2007.04.06 - 11:05PM
7: Counting Down: Again, London

Another grand chapter, but with a curious line...
The muscles in your face are killing you, which is a bit annoying because it isn’t your real face.
Is that a ref to Ten?
Loved the interaction between Two and Nine...they would've made an interesting double act, methinks.

Author's Response: The bit about it not being his real face is because Nine here is only in his own head. His real body and his real face have regenerated. The bit of him that\'s still Nine (\'You\' in the story) is only a mental construct, and doesn\'t have a physical face with physical muscles to feel physical pain.

2007.04.06 - 10:59PM
6: Counting Down: Untime

Continues to be brilliant. I always thought that The Doctor had a fondness for earth after being exiled here as well.

Author's Response: Yeah. While he was exiled, he\'d have denied it up and down that he liked it here, but a planet tends to grow on a person.

2007.04.06 - 10:55PM
5: Counting Down: Skaro

Poor Four. That was an awful lot to put on his shoulders before Eight even had a go at him. :(

Author's Response: Yeah, he was stuck in a nasty position.

2007.04.06 - 10:52PM
4: Counting Down: London

Aww, poor naive Five. This story continues to be great, and i like how each of them seem to be compartmented.

Author's Response: Glad it\'s working for you. Thank you for all the reviews.

2007.04.06 - 10:48PM
3: Counting Down: Necros

“We never got on, you know. Predecessors and direct successors almost never do. No one wants to see what they turn into, or what they’ve left behind.”
This was a brilliant explanation. I also see their is some sort of empartment of icons going on...
And why haven't we seen One, or as he called himself in the Five Doctors, the Original?

Author's Response: Thank you. I noticed that the ones who really got on each other\'s nerves were Two and Three, and up to a point One and Two, whereas bigger gaps, like Five and One seemed to get on okay. I figured it was like how a twenty-year-old would really embarassed by their sixteen-year-old self, but at forty it\'s the stuff of nostalgic memories.

2007.04.06 - 10:43PM
2: Counting Down: Coal Hill

As much as i always loved Seven i'd never play chess with him...Poor Nine.

Author's Response: Yeah, he\'s one that needs watching.

2007.04.06 - 10:40PM
1: No Exit

Just cottoned on to your story, and wow, what a brilliant start...poor Ten, his mind falling away like wet cake, and inside the Doctors are all the same but so different. Not only do Two and Three not get along, but now Eight and Nine have massive issues...and no wonder...Looking forward to more smoothing out of things by Two, more interesting comments by Four and i'm really curious as to what Seven may be up to...

Author's Response: Thanks. I love that phrase of yours, \'his mind falling away like wet cake\'. Beautiful mental image.

2007.04.03 - 01:18AM
7: Counting Down: Again, London

Oh, lord. This is why I love your stories. And the way you write Nine and all of them and Four with the wires. God, that hurt.

BTW, I'm just curious, but you've mentioned the Philippines a couple of times... are you by any chance Filipino?

Author's Response: Thank you. I\'m not Filipino, but I lived there for a couple years. It\'s part of the reason I set \"Castaways\" there. I was originally going to use Madagascar, but the local names were too long (I kept forgetting how to spell them), and halfway through the research I realized I could set it in the Philippines a lot more easily.

2007.04.02 - 12:30PM
7: Counting Down: Again, London

Oh, ow. Oh, OW. As a relatively new fan, my obscure trivia is sparse on anything pre-Four; consequently, it took me a mo' to unravel what Nine was saying, especially to Two. But once I did... OW.

This is incredibly compelling, peeling back the layers of the Doctor's motivations (not as selfless as we thought?), tracing the Time War all the way back to the beginning... But what is Nine's role? Is this some kind of judgment? Catharsis? What does he hope to gain from delivering these cruel truths? And if he's this harsh with his far-flung predecessors, I suspect there will be bloodshed when he gets back to poor Eight... *anticipation*

(By the by, Eight is my absolute *favorite* Doctor, though followed closely by Four and Ten. And as much as I adore the tragic, romantic darling, I must admit that he gives GREAT angst.)

Oh, wunderbar, wunderbar. I'm all a-pins and needles for the next bits. You get more gold stars! *stars you twice*

Author's Response: Thanks again! *starts star collection* I know it\'s a bit continuity-heavy, which is why I list the major episode referenced in the author\'s notes. As for the ninth Doctor, what he wants to do, what he needs to do, and what he\'s doing are, at the moment, largely separate. Although we\'re nearing the halfway point, so less separate than at the beginning.

2007.04.02 - 11:16AM
1: No Exit

I don't even quite know where to start. All your characterizations are spot on, you handle this darker aspect of his lives without it getting out of character, and your passing of the torch metaphor - forcing each aspect to own up to what they'll become, and to see the thread that connects them all as one person - is inspired. The part that really got me, though, was Four with the wires, and your observation that this mental block he has is keeping all of his past selves in stasis, perpetually held at the point of, perhaps not their greatest mistakes, but definitely at the cusp of particularly excrutiating decisions. How long has he held those wires, indeed. This is what fanfiction ought to be - stories like this are why I keep coming back. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you. I\'m kind of odd on the symbolism stuff (I can see what fits, but I can\'t say why), so I\'m glad it works on that level. I just knew that for the fourth Doctor it had to be holding the wires, then I started wondering how long he\'d be stuck that way. I\'m glad I didn\'t push the dark bits too far. I figured the Doctor would be harsher to himself than to others, and blame himself for more than he was entirely guilty of.

2007.04.01 - 05:28PM
5: Counting Down: Skaro

Jeezy Creezy Lemon Squeezy. I am so very glad that I found this fic. I've always harbored the idea that Nine would revile Eight, and this delivered on the notion quite well.

Also, I adore the metaphorical journey going on here, with each incarnation leading back to the one before, and Nine lending what he's learned back to his previous lives. (The part with Four and duty made me hurt inside, but in the best of ways.)

Am looking forward to the next chapter, and am hoping for an eventual confrontation with poor Eight. Brava! You get a gold star! *stars you*

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! It is a common idea that Nine would be furious at Eight (because self-hatred and regeneration make strange bedfellows). The bit with Four was almost favorite to write (believe it or not, some of my favorite Doctors are Four and Eight), but it was the start of the war, in at least one sense. He will have to go back and face his eighth self again, before it all ends. Nature of the story. And thanks for the gold star! I haven\'t gotten a gold star since kindergarten. *wears star proudly*

2007.03.30 - 12:10AM
4: Counting Down: London

I have nothing intelligent to say. Cool, I say, and wow I love me some angsty, angry Nine. And, oh look what she's doing there? That's COOL.

Author's Response: Thank you. If you like Nine-angst, this is your story.

2007.03.26 - 02:23PM
1: No Exit

I always enjoy your multi-era fics, and this one is particularly excellent. Can't wait to see more!

Author's Response: Thanks. This is a long ride, and backstory-intensive. I\'ll try to update with reasonable frequency.

2007.03.26 - 11:50AM
4: Counting Down: London

Oh, goody. A full-fledged plunge into the Doctor's psyche. What's the point of having so much difference between regenerations if he can't make use of them? FiveNine is such an interesting dynamic, since Five was involved in so much epic violence.

Author's Response: It surprised me too, looking at the similarities in Resurrection of the Daleks and Daleks. I\'ve always thought he was the Doctor first, and the Fifth or the Ninth or the the Seventh second, but the connections and the divisions between the aspects interest me. And how he uses the different aspects is right where the story is going.