Reviews For After Life

2007.06.02 - 01:02AM
13: Counting Up: Fallen

Continues to be wonderful and intriguing. Love the image of them all trying to play cards together too hehe

Author's Response: That made me laugh, too. Thanks.

2007.05.31 - 07:20AM
13: Counting Up: Fallen

Ouch! That is bound to have hurt no matter if he was aware of it from his previous incarnation. Reliving his end like this must be horrible..

Author's Response: Yes, but the good thing about a hard ending is the relief when it finally stops.

2007.05.31 - 07:14AM
12: Counting Up: Burned

I crawled and cried along with those last few steps of the Doctors and the relief he felt entering hte TARDIS. Very emotive and sure there is heaps more to come.

Author's Response: Oh, wow. Thanks for all your lovely reviews.

2007.04.29 - 02:41PM
11: Counting Up: Sentenced

I love Two. You did him justice, i think. This continues to be intriquing. Looking forward to your next update. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. Things are hectic now, but I\'ll try to get an update reasonably soon.

2007.04.29 - 01:37PM
11: Counting Up: Sentenced

I love the character of the Doctor so much, the creation of him through a process of accidents and necessities that give us this rich background history and a way for a great writer like you to tell a story like this ABOUT this. Very cool.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

2007.04.29 - 10:48AM
11: Counting Up: Sentenced

Having the courage to take that step into the blackness - shudder - hope the ninth Doc reaches some sense of well being.

As at the moment I can't help but feel nervous about what will happen next. Brilliant writing BTW.

Author's Response: The next bit is going to be hard. Thanks for the review.

2007.04.14 - 12:33PM
10: Counting Up: Exhausted

Ooh, this is very nice. I like how the Doctor has to face up to his past and if it pushes him forward to the next acknowledgement of his past he is sure to get stronger at each step. Just loving this angsty story. Wonder what he will do when he makes it to his 8th self?

Author's Response: He\'s wondering that, too.

2007.04.13 - 05:35PM
10: Counting Up: Exhausted

A nice calm take on the reasons why the 'renegade' Doctor left Gallifrey in the first place. I like it.

Author's Response: Thank you. I always thought that things between him and Gallifrey were interestingly complicated and not purely hostile. Glad it worked

2007.04.13 - 02:06PM
10: Counting Up: Exhausted

wonderful story

Author's Response: Thanks!

2007.04.13 - 11:42AM
10: Counting Up: Exhausted

Oh, oh, oh, VERY nice. I imagine this to be cathartic for the reader as well as for... well, all of the Doctors, really, but Nine especially.

I like the tearing-down and building-up theme you're developing. In ripping apart his previous incarnations (except for Eight, who's ripped apart all by himself), Nine was also destroying himself. They were him, ARE him to a certain extent, which is why he ended up in the nothing, yes? Without them, there was nothing left of himself.

And now the rebuilding. He's revealed the frailties and failings of his past, and learned a lot as a result, but now they reveal their (and his own) strengths, bringing him back to... equilibrium? Sanity? A reclaiming of his former compassion and mercy?

Oh, this story is a thing of beauty. *dumps bucket of gold stars on your head* Please update soon(er)!

Author's Response: Sorry, it took a while to update. Thanks for the lovely reviews and all the stars!

2007.04.13 - 09:43AM
10: Counting Up: Exhausted

Yes, it's going to hurt, but like childbirth rather than death I think. Lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you.

2007.04.10 - 08:54PM
5: Counting Down: Skaro

Great job. It just occured to me the other day that Nine would be pissed at Four if they ever had the ocassion to meet up, and went looking for a story that dealt with that. Glad I found yours. :)

Author's Response: Thanks. Everyone knew he\'d be pissed at Eight, but I figured not just eight.

2007.04.07 - 12:47PM
9: Open Your Eyes

This is wonderful writing and of such magnatude it has left me speechless. What you are doing with Nine using his past selves as he regenerates into Ten is painful at times. I just knew he was going to do something nasty to Eight but Ouch that must have hurt poor 8.

The transition from incarnation to incarnation using items to pass along was inspirational and this is all so angsty revolving all around the Time War. Brilliant work and am adding to my favs to keep updated Thanks.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Glad you\'re getting so much out of it. It\'s finished going down and stripping stuff away, and is going back to climbing up and rebuilding now. Hope you like that bit, too.

2007.04.07 - 09:12AM
9: Open Your Eyes

Argh argh argh! How can you leave it there! Grarargh! *pulls out hair*

Now that that's been taken care of, lovely update. I loved the concept of Nothing, that was frightening. Absolutely terrifying; I know I would go mad, but since Nine's already a little off in the head, maybe he'll get through it okay. Poor Nine, I'd attempt to hug him if he weren't so cranky.

That being said, the almost-return to conciousness was also brilliantly played out. I love the way that Nine can make rational and separate observations about Ten and his behaviors ("magpie mind" sounds a bit familiar, though), but when it comes to strategizing and solving the problem, they're working along the same tangent. They are, after all, the same person, and you've illustrated that perfectly. Brava!

Argh, I'm all a-pins and needles! What does Nine have to do to get back out of the Nothing? (Not to mention that I'm twitching in anticipation to see my poor Eight.) Please update soon, and thank you for this wonderful fic!

Author's Response: I hope you haven\'t pulled out too much hair. The nothing stuck with me, a bit. You ever see \'The Ribos Operation\'? That\'s where the White Guardian pulls out the \"Nothing. Ever,\" line. I imagine it would have driven him mad eventually. Is it unclear that the \"magpie mind\" bit\'s a quote? I thought it was clear, but if it isn\'t that\'s easy to fix.

2007.04.06 - 11:13PM
9: Open Your Eyes

The most interesting POV i've read for the Xmas Invasion, that's for sure. I like how Nine doesn't hate Ten as some of the others disdain their direct descendants, as it were. Sure, he's peeved with his speech patterns and dubious about his clothing, but he doesn't hate him. Mental Hitchiker. Great phrase. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thank you! I thought about all the things that would annoy Nine about Ten based on the Christmas Invasion, and then I thought about \"I need you to shut up,\" and it was pretty clear which end he\'d wind up on.