Reviews For After Life

2007.08.16 - 03:27PM
18: Wide Awake

*bows* Truly impressive. A work of art. Makes me almost want to turn to structural-functionalism. A great piece.

Author's Response: I\'m going to have to look up structural-functionalism, but thank you.

2007.06.27 - 08:59AM
18: Wide Awake

Okay, if I interpreted that correctly, then Ten's newfound attitude of "no second chances" was inspired by Eight and his re-acclimation into the Doctor's consciousness? By Eight's desire to never let evil spread on that scale again?

That's cold. Cold and brilliant, like a diamond. WOW. That really illustrates the changes that the War made upon Eight and his attitudes. (There really needs to be more Time War fic.)

Wow, the best possible ending, I say, with Eight back into the fold and Nine reconciled to his other selves. I love the image of all the Doctors throwing out ideas as a kind of stream-of-consciousness thing, and I love that Ten has a voice that they can hear, even if he doesn't hear them except on a subliminal level.

This should be canon. It really should. RTD should hire you to do an "inside the Doctor's head" story arc. This is just... brava. One of my all-time favorite stories. I'll be reading this over and over and OVER again. Thank you so much!

Author's Response: Thank you. Ten is a tangle; he has a stretch of Nine\'s guilt and grimness, and Seven\'s convoluted plotting, but there\'s something else. Something hard and frightening, which makes me wonder, \"What did you learn in the war?\" I thought it could be Eight in there. Although he does have the sweet-and-gentle which everyone sees, he also has an odd edge, which the war would refine to something deadly. And I do think there should be more Time War fic. I think a lot of people are afraid to tackle it because they think they have to write the whole war, when you can do a lot with little moments.

2007.06.27 - 08:48AM
17: Counting Up: Light

I knew it! I knew the leather jacket belonged to Fitz! Oh, clever, clever, I love it.

*cries* This was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I don't have much more than that, just... yes. Beautiful.

Author's Response: Of course it was Fitz\'s jacket. It just had to be!

2007.06.26 - 10:07PM
18: Wide Awake

Oh lovely lovely. Last few chapters had a spare sort of gorgeousness (even though at least one of them confused the crap out of me being heavy in continuity references about a Doctor who had the most confusing brief existence:-) Anyway, this is probably one of the rare examples of why the second person POV can be an elegant narrative device.

Author's Response: Thank you. Fiction techniques that everyone tells you not to use hold a perverse attraction for me (and one day, I shall write Doctor Who songfic to The Man Who Sold The World. Because it has to be done.)

2007.06.26 - 03:12PM
1: No Exit

*glees wildly* whoo! Wow! That ending made me feel just like the end of a really good movie. ^^ I wanted to jump up and cheer.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you.

2007.06.26 - 04:48AM
18: Wide Awake

Yeah, the Doctor's back and looking hot in his jimjams. Like how the Ninth called out advice to the new Doctor as he left to rescue Rose. Very fitting - thanks again.

Author's Response: Thanks. It was a fun story to write.

2007.06.26 - 04:42AM
17: Counting Up: Light

I'm still sniffling afteer reading this. So emotive and when the Ninth Doctor removed his leather Jacket and placed it over the shoulders of his 8th incarnation - then took his hand - the tears started. Powerful writing and hope the two united like this will start to heal things. VBG.

Author's Response: I actually had that scene worked out in my head ages in advance. For some reason, it just worked.

2007.06.26 - 04:34AM
16: Counting Up: Shot

Gosh moving on towards the light - now it's the time the Ninth Doctor has dreaded in this whole encounter wiht his previous selves. Never seen teh film but your insight into the goings on are good - thanks.

Author's Response: Thanks. I like the TV Movie more than a lot of people do (my childhood Doctor was Eight).

2007.06.26 - 04:26AM
18: Wide Awake

Wonderful last couple of chapters...the cunning of Seven made vulnerable, understandable, and the inspired strength of Eight. The retreating Nine and his parting sentiment to Ten. Great story, bravo!

Author's Response: Thank you, really. Glad it came through for you in the end.

2007.06.20 - 03:51AM
15: Counting Up: Shaken

I've never been a fan of Six, but I feel shamefaced about that after reading this chapter. He had much worth saying. Loved this : "Regenerationís hardly death, but it is the death of something. A perspective, perhaps. A point of view."
Just brilliant! Six and Ace...oh the fun! lol Also love Two trying to be peacemaker, and the illusion to more interesting pockets

Author's Response: I always had a soft spot for Six. For some reason, I\'m a sucker for even-numbered Doctors. I actually have a boring mathematical theory about this (even-numbered Doctors are exceptionally odd, multiples of three are angry about life, and multiples of five need glasses. I haven\'t figured out what Four and Eight have in common, though. I may have to wait for twelve to get that one sorted.)

2007.06.20 - 03:46AM
14: Counting Up: Poisoned

Awww.....poor sweet innocent Five. I really liked the helpful introspective air you gave him

Author's Response: Thanks. He struck me as a dangerous kind of innocent, although I have no idea how to explain that right now.

2007.06.19 - 12:32PM
1: No Exit

I can't seem to open chpater 15, it keeps opening the previous chapter. I'm wondering if something happened when the site went down the other day. I really really want to read it, damn!

Author's Response: Yeah, I spotted that and fixed it. Sort of my fault, but it glitched out while I was posting, so I couldn\'t catch it sooner.

2007.06.18 - 09:51AM
15: Counting Up: Shaken

Finally! I've been waiting forever for this update! Yay!

The imagery in this story continues to be fantastic. Interspersing the trials that Nine has to go through, reliving his previous deaths, with the (rather crowded) reunion of his previous selves is a marvelous touch. It manages to break up the tension of the ordeals for the reader, let one decompress a little. I especially loved Four and Five bickering with Two as hopeful intermediary, that was great. Closer incarnations never seem to get on too well, do they?

I was especially impressed with Six and the message he delivered, and the way you tied that in to POTW. Really quite phenomenal, props to you!

And now ARGH, I have to go back to waiting for the next installment! Grr, I want to see Eight! (And Seven, naturally, he's lovely too, but I'm ever so anxious to see Eight and his confrontation with Nine.) Please update soon, I don't know if I can bear so long of a wait!

Author's Response: Hee. Glad you liked it. I noticed the closer incarnation thing, too. I mean look at Two and Three, or Two and One, versus Two and Six. The tragic thing about the Five Doctors is that we never got to see Tom Baker and Peter Davison bicker.

2007.06.17 - 09:22PM
15: Counting Up: Shaken

Not sure how I missed this story before, but very, very, very happy that I've found it. Can't wait for the next installment, especially if Seven is the one orchestrasting things, the manipulating little game player that he is. There seems to be a lot of Seven in Ten, and this story goes a ways to explain that if Seven was fiddling about durring TCI. Never trust Seven with a scheme...

For this chapter (I loved every chapter) but I really liked the mental image you gave of Ace bickering with Six.

Author's Response: Six and Ace would have a very brief and extremely funny tenure together. It would end with regeneration by Nitro-Nine. Of this, I\'m sure.

2007.06.17 - 04:24PM
15: Counting Up: Shaken

I'm tense waiting for the next part to come around. The Doctor has come through many emotions and wonder how he will greet his 8th self. Thanks for updating and writing.

Author's Response: Thank you. I know I was kind of sporadic. I\'m glad you liked it.