Reviews For After Life

2011.02.07 - 04:51AM
1: No Exit

I really enjoyed this story. I always love to see exploration of the Doctor's past identities and how he's shaped by them.

2010.12.25 - 01:28AM
18: Wide Awake

This was just marvelous. And the ending was...brrr. Chilling. Chilling, and utterly logical.

2010.04.27 - 02:26PM
18: Wide Awake

That was rather fabulous!

Clever and thoughtful and pulled all the strands together wonderfully.

2009.10.12 - 10:58PM
18: Wide Awake

Wonderful story. And educational! (Being a new fan I need all the education I can get.) Thanks so much for this.

2009.07.05 - 02:14AM
1: No Exit

I also dig how you expose the subtle hypocrisies in Nine's argument, like when he sneers at Five for his failure to kill Davros out of sentiment, only to eventually admit that he'd never wish the Master dead out of a similar sentiment.

2009.06.18 - 10:21AM
18: Wide Awake

Excellent story! I love how you construct the parallels between Nine's bitterness towards his past and their reactions to him.

2009.05.06 - 08:49PM
18: Wide Awake

loved it!

2009.01.08 - 06:42AM
18: Wide Awake

That was amazing! Really Amazing! I loved it!

2008.11.30 - 02:43AM
18: Wide Awake

Wow, wacky way to look at things as the Doctor. Very cool. Well done. :)

2008.08.22 - 06:53PM
1: No Exit

This is a good story.

I really like the way each of the Doctor's encounters with the Daleks sort of leads to another.
I also like how we get a good look inside the Doctor's psyche, and I think I actually rather like the way you tell the story. It's very, very dark and really makes you think of the enormous impact the Time War had on the Doctor.

Love this. You're really talented.

2008.08.05 - 11:23AM
1: No Exit

The two things that are really important for a good fanfic are a good grasp on the characters and style. You have both in abundance. In other words - wow, that was brilliant, from beginning to end.

Oh, and damn you for actually making me *like* Seven in this one. Brrrr.

2008.03.18 - 03:12PM
18: Wide Awake

Stunningly good!

Author's Response: Thanks!

2008.03.09 - 02:29PM
17: Counting Up: Light

"You slide your jacket off."

This is where I started crying, and I didn't stop until the end of the chapter.

Thank you, thank you for this story. Forgiveness is such a beautiful, powerful thing, and one that we all need a little more of in our lives.

Author's Response: Wow, that\'s an amazing review. Glad the story meant so much to you.

2008.03.09 - 03:09AM
18: Wide Awake

This is the story I first fell in love with when I first got into Who. Reading it again for my rec today (now that I've actually seen all of the Doctors) I think I love it even more.

Author's Response: Thank you! And thanks for reccing.

2007.12.12 - 04:29AM
18: Wide Awake

This is... Wow. Wow. *ded of The Cool* Absolutely brilliant way of bringing all ten on stage without it going silly, and a wonderful device for explaining how it might be to have nine other lifetimes to integrate. And Nine's reactions to his other selves, and theirs to him... *ded of The Cool again* ...Um, I liked it,. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I hope the two ded of The Cool cancel each other out, and you\'re alive again.