Reviews For Chaos Personified

2009.12.27 - 03:03PM
1: Chapter 1

really like this. especially the whole its really very nice of you but you're dead im cold line very ianto. like how you described the house as an extension of iantos personality and how jack and him interacted.

2009.05.20 - 04:41PM
1: Chapter 1

“Thank you. I’m cold. It’s very nice of you but you’re dead. I shot you. There’s blood on the floor.”

i laughed SOOOO hard at that!! great job!!

2009.02.28 - 03:42PM
1: Chapter 1

OMG! Am I glad that Ianto tends to think so (too) much! What a shock would it have been for Jack to find Ianto dead, killed by his own hands because he thought he had shot their captain!

The rest is rather surreal, the flat expressing pretty well how it must look like inside of Ianto.
Nice ending scene. A promise of more?

2007.09.27 - 06:24PM
1: Chapter 1

God, how i wish i could write like this. Your style is incredible.

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

2007.09.19 - 02:21PM
1: Chapter 1

I read this a while ago but never commented. Just re-read it. Marvelous... I think Ianto really is chaos personified. There are so many levels to him and I wish the show would delve more into who he is.

2007.08.26 - 01:04PM
1: Chapter 1

I LOVE the last few lines. I'm too much into the hurt/comfort!Jack/Ianto thing for my own good. Also, I want to live in Ianto's flat. :-D

2007.03.21 - 02:31PM
1: Chapter 1

That was fantastic, it really sent shivers down my spine. What's worrying me though, is I quite like the decor in the flat. I suppose that comes from me being a Goth lol.

Author's Response: I love the decor too! That\'s how I want to do my flat when I get the money! And half of my friends are emo or scence. ;)

2007.03.20 - 12:11AM
1: Chapter 1

Good thing Jack was able to come back. That ability of his has come in pretty handy. I like how you explored some aspects of the Jack & Ianto relationship that were rather glossed over onscreen.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I think there was a lot that happened between them we didn\'t get to see before the famous \"stopwatch scence\". Glad you enjoyed!

2007.03.18 - 03:29PM
1: Chapter 1

Wow, I really like this. Please continue!

Author's Response: I think it\'s done but I\'m going to play in this universe some more. ;) Glad you liked it!