Reviews For Upon Deaf Ears

2007.08.25 - 08:46AM
3: Communication Breakdown

It's a great ending to a great story.

2007.08.25 - 08:41AM
2: Jones & Smith

Jones and Smith, eh? Haha. Great chapter.

2007.08.19 - 02:15PM
1: En route...

Great chapter. Glad to be reading more.

2007.07.20 - 01:55PM
1: En route...

Loved the cross over, I really like the stories when SJS helps Torchwood, it shows that she is still up to fighting aliens. I also liked the way you made Ianto the star, he raerly gets much screen time on Torchwood, or mention in fanfic,
so thanks for a brillient story.

2007.03.18 - 04:10PM
3: Communication Breakdown

Lovely summing up to this story. Must admit I do like Ianto out on his own and solving things.

Great story thanks

2007.03.16 - 09:44AM
2: Jones & Smith

Oh this is getting stranger and stranger by the second and it is very rivetting too. Wonder wha tis in number 7 and will it be dangerous? Great second part and as I am curious to see what happens next have added this to my favourites.

2007.03.16 - 09:42AM
1: En route...

Delighted to see Ianto out on his own and getting the star spot for a change. Great start and am looking forward to reading the next part.

2007.03.16 - 09:31AM
2: Jones & Smith

There is an alien life sign in number seven? I thought it was a device or something. I guess she did mention a life sign earlier. I do like the SJS adventures quite a lot. So this is a triple crossover sort of, eh?

2007.03.16 - 09:19AM
1: En route...

Very interesting story. Well written as always. Looking forward to more.

2007.03.15 - 09:15AM
1: En route...

Very interesting idea for a crossover! When I read "Pink Panther", I immediately assumed this would be a comedy. I'm interested inseeing where you take this, especially with the Sarah Jane connection. That poor woman! It seems very in character for Ianto to reach out and help, and also be willing to appear so vulnerable to the police. I love Jean Reno- he plays such vivid and intense characters! Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: It struck me that with the exception of Clouseau, most of the characters in the 2006 remake were essentially serious, with the comedy coming from Clouseau and his actions. I just wanted to take the serious characters and see what they could do. Having said that, Clouseau will have a small appearance in the final chapter.