2020.04.14 - 02:30PM
1: Chapter 1

This was the first Fitz fic I had read, hell it was the first time I'd met Fitz, and I fell in love with him.

I've revisited this fic several times, and before i didnt really understand "She will give me over to Her sister.” I always assumed it was death, but recently I read another fic that explained the 3 Goddesses of Gallifrey, Time Death and Pain, and it hit me. Maybe he assumed it would be Death, but it could be said he was given to the other sister, Pain.

Anyways this fic is great, thank you so much for writing it!

2018.04.05 - 01:53AM
1: Chapter 1

Oooh this hurts me. This is Canon now, I dare someone to argue that. I never particularly cared for the way they wrote Fitz off, leaving with Trix seemed too careless. I think he'd stay with the Doctor until he was forced to go, like in this. Bravo

2012.07.16 - 03:22AM
1: Chapter 1

Great story! I really enjoyed it!

2011.09.22 - 05:23PM
1: Chapter 1

This was a beautiful, touching, and tragic story. You've captured Fitz perfectly. I simply adore this!

2011.07.30 - 10:54AM
1: Chapter 1

All of the tears for this fic. Absolutely amazing, and the jacket was perfect.

2008.04.09 - 09:40AM
1: Chapter 1

Brilliant Fitz characterisation and lovely references to characteristics born of EDAs and BF audios. You can tell you really know your Eight fandom. Thanks for writing an intelligent, interesting Eight-era fic with all the characters properly recognisable and the plot worth the read. Kudos.

2008.02.20 - 10:55PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh, gorgeous! I only know Eight from the TV movie and Fitz only from a fic or two, but you do a vivid enough job characterizing Fitz that I found myself caring about him. I loved the way you made use of repetition. The feel of things falling apart was heartbreakingly strong. The title truly fit. There were tons of great passages, but I'm going to single out this one:

“No,” the Doctor said. He said the single syllable very carefully, very softly, as he surveyed the destruction surrounding them. Fitz hung back behind him, staring down at his feet, hunched, hands shoved deep into the pockets of his black leather jacket.

“No,” he repeated as he pivoted in a complete circle, careful not to step on any outstretched limbs, any splattered remains or bits of hard, plasticky casing. It was cold. It was starting to rain.

2008.02.19 - 07:58PM
1: Chapter 1

oh my. I don't know what else to say. Except this part:

The Doctor was talking to a tall, serious man in dark clothes, and Fitz frowned because he could have sworn he’d seen that bloke in the TARDIS one night, long ago, and if the TARDIS’ ghosts were escaping now, what could they do?

Broke me. That whole section, made my heart just ache. :(

2007.09.18 - 09:30AM
1: Chapter 1

This story is my personal canon, now. It's so *right*. Not to mention completely devastating. You do an amazing job of depicting a universe that's falling apart.

2007.09.14 - 11:10AM
1: Chapter 1

Oh, geeze, that hurt and it was brilliant and of course Nine's jacket came from Fitz.

2007.07.09 - 01:49AM
1: Chapter 1

I'm going through some of my bookmarked stories that I never took the time to comment on, and I just wanted to let you know how much I adore this story.

I absolutely love Fitz, and you've managed to capture him perfectly. :)

2007.03.20 - 10:16AM
1: Chapter 1

Ohhh, lovely. Just lovely. I've only just started with the novels (am reading "The Taint" now), but I am now desperate to read more with Fitz.

Your style choices are bloody brill. I loved the repetition laced throughout, the descriptors are vivid and lifelike, your characterizations are spot-on (Eight especially), your pacing is measured without dragging along... oh, wunbderbar, wunderbar. You get a gold star.

Please write more Eight fic; we need more of your calibre of art!

2007.03.16 - 11:40PM
1: Chapter 1

awe gosh...I love Fitz. And 8. They never did satisfactorily wrap it up did they, an I can just see Fitz doggedly attending alternatingly boring and horrifying Time Lord war council meetings, dragging at the Doctor's heels till he put him out. *reaches for hanky*

2007.03.14 - 08:46PM
1: Chapter 1

Gorgeous. This is exactly how it must have happened.

You've got Fitz perfectly characterized, too.

2007.03.14 - 08:18PM
1: Chapter 1

OMG Ficgasm!!!

This has everything a Time War fic should have. Fitz! Angst! Romana! Fitz! Daleks! Angst-ridden Eight! The jacket! Innocent bystanders! Angst! Fitz!

I think I just died and went to fic-heaven.