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2007.09.30 - 03:21PM
34: Chapter 34 - Original Ending/ Alt. ending part 6

Scary ending. No really. Your series finale sounds amazing! A war on Wolven... don't you just love consuming your favourite invented planet in a war to end all wars???
That was beautifully written too, and made me laugh out loud once - Sophia stopping the Doctor from saying his catchphrase was the cause. LOL! And I really can't find much to say as I'm just a bit too blown away with not being able to wait for your next series...
A perfect and fitting ending for Sophia! But as we know, it's not the end... by a loooong way. :D
[Love It] {------ the normal love it button! I'm staying out of the second Love It war... wars are all well and good on space stations and favourite planets... but not on websites! :D More stories soon please!

Author's Response: Lol I like scary. >:) A war on Wolven... yes. But its not the first war. There was another, which is realted to the history of Wolven\'s becoming half wolf. :P But this war shall be mighty! Ah that catchphrase bit... had to have some fun before she died! And the new series... even I can\'t wait for it! Espcial the last three \'episodes\'. Have I really started another Love It war? Buggar! >.< Ah well... its gonna be fun... I hope. :/

2007.09.30 - 03:12PM
34: Chapter 34 - Original Ending/ Alt. ending part 6

OOOOOOOOOO... *'o' key explodes*

Ah, bugger...

[Love It!]
I love it!

And I DON'T fancy Owen. You do!

Author's Response: ... oh buggar... how many \'o\' keys do you have! You seem to lose one in every story! =o At least you love it... and you fancy him... thats why you are put it in the reviw... >:)

2007.09.10 - 11:29AM
33: Chapter 33 - Original/ Alt. ending part 5

Right, this review serves several purposes. In case either you or RANG took it seriously, my comment saying I was off to cry was not meant to be. OK? Peace? I'm just not overly good at making jokes... also, I got the email about the crack-fic however many days late... and I want to say I'd love to be in it. I couldn't be bothered to say that via email because it would take too long but anyway... yes please! I may need a few tips on how exactly to do it though because I must say I didn't quite get what you said... and that's definitely not your fault before you blame yourself, it's the fault of my brain... Damn it!
And of course I must say this chapter truly was amazing, and deserves another review. Update soon please!

Author's Response: Lol, I knew you wasn\'t really going to dry. ^^ If you was... you would have set the Dark One on me... And yay about the crack-fic! That\'s the six people I wanted! :D And about needing help, understanding it... no worries! I think nearly everyone needs help understanding it, for some reason? I think it is clopicated to understand. But I shall be happy to help you to understand. :) And thankies again, about the chapter. My fav. one to date! ^^

2007.09.09 - 04:03PM
33: Chapter 33 - Original/ Alt. ending part 5

Noooo, she's dieing all over again! :(

I think I prefer this ending though. It's much more of an appropriate ending for such a great character. But I love them both. Update soon :)

[Love it]

Author's Response: Well, she kinda has to die. It needs to follow on to the next story still. ^^; But this is the better ending for her, by miles. Will be updating soon... hopefully. School again. :/ And yay! Love It button!

2007.09.09 - 11:38AM
33: Chapter 33 - Original/ Alt. ending part 5

*looks offended* RANG, what is this? First saying he's a dumbass, then saying Sophia pwns him! OK, I'm off to cry.
That was absolutely brilliant. You managed to find the Dark One an equal - something that hasn't been done since Sunradin! Wow! He used to be the most powerful being in the universe, but now he's got so many equals... Sunradin, Sophia with the two wolves and BWJ... and another which may be coming soon! Too right, Sophia! You show him the power of love, and dreams, and nice stuff!
And in answer to your question, I do prefer this ending. By a mile actually. And I didn't think that was possible, but it's true. This one's so much more majestic and glorious. Here, Sophia is going to probably die facing the King of the Void, the Destroyer of Worlds... which is considerably more epic than being crushed by a rockfall. Not that I don't ADORE the first ending... I just ADORE, ADORE, ADORE times ten this one.
I won't bother with a Love It button or even several as I think my feelings towards this go a bit beyond that :P More soon please... that is if there is more...

Author's Response: Awww, she doesn\'t mean it! As she told me on msn... its just how she is (which is strange...). Sorry Mel... ^^; Anyway... yes I have found him an equal. In a good way! I\'ve also giving you an ending were he wins... in a way? I mean he kills Sophia, but gets trapped in the void. Like the Master. I bet I\'ve confused you... ^^; But Sophia with wolves is an equal... and he needs some. He can\'t always go around thinking he\'s number one. :P Glad you do like this ending more... I prefare it more. Its more me! So you can like the oringal/alt. more. :) No love it button... but the words are nice. :) More soon. Will Sophia die? Or will she live... (well we know she\'s gonna die! It leads on to the next story!) ^^

2007.09.09 - 11:00AM
33: Chapter 33 - Original/ Alt. ending part 5

Oi, Darky... Sophia pwns you! xD

[Love It][Love It][Love It][Love It][Love It]

Five Love It Buttons! xD

Author's Response: She does indeed! And five love it buttons! X)

2007.09.09 - 01:44AM
32: Chapter 32- Original/Alt. ending part 4

You electric bungalow! You fish-fuck! You... oh never mind. I don't hate you... yet. Does that mean I win a free car?
RANG... calling the Dark One a dumbass is not wise, but I have to kind of agree with you here. Why doesn't he believe Sophia when she says she has powers and everything? I mean, just her wouldn't be a threat, but three wolves of sorts... *shakes head* I'd be worried, Darky.
Brilliant chapter, very action-packed, just how we like it. I especially enjoyed the internal conversation between trapped!Sophia and Black Wolf, I could just imagine them arguing away inside her body :D Please do write more tomorrow... [LI] Shortcut! (obv.)
BTW, thanks for adding me on DeviantArt. I know it must seem like I'm following you across the web...

Author's Response: ... I\'m affraid... very affraid. You don\'t win a free car, no... but how about a new chapter for defo today!:) And the Dark One is not dumb. No way! Yes he may keep forgetting Sophia not ordinary, but he\'s still clever. And very true about her without the wolves. She would commit suicide if she didn\'t have the wolves inside her. But I wouldn\'t be worried... the next chapter I think has a part you may like? And it is action packet, just as we do like it!^^ And that conversation between Sophia and Black Wolf. Made me laugh. It was fun to write about it! :P And the Deviant Art, no problem! :) I have most of Who Fic added. :P And thought it might feel like I\'m following you over the web? Felt that way to me...

2007.09.08 - 05:57PM
32: Chapter 32- Original/Alt. ending part 4

Aw, I didn't hate you really :)

Noooo! Is Rose OK?? She doesn't sound it!! Eep, evil cliffhanger! Update soon :)

Oh and welcome back. Hope you had a nice holiday :)

Author's Response: You will have to wait and find out, if Rose is okay. :P And you know me... I\'m always giving evil cliffhangers out to this story and many others... its my job! And update soon... I\'ve already started the new chapter now! :) Its very... weird. ;) And thanks... I did have a nice holiday... missed Whofic but if I had to sum the holiday up in one phrase... Disney have a lot of ducks! ^^

2007.09.08 - 05:29PM
32: Chapter 32- Original/Alt. ending part 4

Eurgh, that was such an evil place to leave it!

I so hate you.

And Darky should realised by now that Sophia ain't no normal silly girl, shouldn;t you, Darky? *taps his helmet* Dumbass. ;D

Author's Response: I know! :P But dont worry... the next chapter been done so its not so evil!:) But dont hate me! In the first ending Fire Storm hatted me, now you in this one... everyone hates me by the ending...:( But Darky should know that by now... just cause you squashed her under a tree in your world, doesn\'t mean she\'s stupid! But I wonder what Deathman gonna say about you calling Darky a dumbass? *hides*

2007.08.15 - 10:16AM
31: Chapter 31 - Original/alt. ending part 3

This is getting dramatic...

Wonder what the Dark One's going to do now? I have I feeling he won't give up and surrender...

2007.08.12 - 02:55AM
31: Chapter 31 - Original/alt. ending part 3

Darky's back in action! Yay! But he has two wolves to fight - and they're gonna beat him... NOOO! I need to get to the bit with him in in Dragonstone.... he's in Chapter 11 and I'm on Chapter 9... too LONG! *gets hyperer and hyperer* Wheee! This chapter was absolutely mind-blowing. And I don't think I've ever used 'mind-blowing' to describe one of your chapters before. Surprising, really! BTW - "What are you, some retard who likes to sit behind a mask" = BEST. LINE. EVER. Had me laughing for ages. Lovely writing (both Darky and in general). I think I might like this ending more than the first one, if that's possible! Update soon!

Author's Response: Yay! Darky is gonna kick some ass! *dances* *thinks* wait... why am I saying that... meh... Dark One as good as the wolves! X) Ooo we\'re getting close to his return! *thinks about Dargonstone and thinks about the cows eating cheese* :) You\'re very hyper... and you have never used that word before, so I feel honoured. And that line... XP I was laughing when I was writing it! :P And I would be happy if you liked this ending more, then the one I was forced to write. Big fight coming... I can tell you that! And I shall try and update soon... once I\'ve writen a new chapter for \'when worlds collide\'... I seem to have neglected it...

2007.07.30 - 02:52PM
30: Chapter 30 - The alt./original ending - part 2

*Munches popcorn*

Must update soon...

Now, I have to get back to writing my new story. I'm on chapter 10 out of about 15 at the moment.

Anyway, brilliant chapter! This isn't going to end happily...

Author's Response: Lol. Popcorn! And I will update soon... I\'m gonna start on the next chapter... although i should be doing my \'Seperate Paths\' story... oh well... I like whats going to happen next chapter! :D

2007.07.27 - 01:36PM
29: Chapter 29 The alt./original ending - part one

When I saw this had been updated, I nearly screamed.
Can I say more?
Well, I can, but what is there to say? Brilliant. A bit short, but I'm sure it'll lead onto something good. And long, and full of death. And I love alternative endings. Especially ones that are really different from the original. I hope this one will be. I suppose the most different alt. ending you can get is where the bad guy wins *puppy eyes*...

Author's Response: Lol! I know its short... but its going to get better! And longer! ^^ This one is, as i know, sadder then the first. Its not too diffrent from the first... but this is the very original so the over one is copying this one. But you shall have to wait and see! ^_^ More shall be coming soon!

2007.07.26 - 02:16PM
29: Chapter 29 The alt./original ending - part one

Alternate ending? Ooh, goodie :)

But where does this lead off from? Sorry, I've forgotten :( Oops...

Author's Response: Lol, yet the original ending! And it leads from around when they return to Torchwood... except the Dark One and The Doctor and co. take the final battle to a space station... so really it\'s replacing the bit when the Doctor\'s left and trapped them.

2007.04.29 - 04:29AM
28: The funeral of Sophia Moonstone

Oh, what a beautiful, fitting ending to this story. I couldn't have asked for more. I am honestly lost for words so I think I'll leave it at that, but I can just say thank you, for writing this.

Author's Response: Your welcome! Just glad you enjoyed it so much! The new story coming soon, either in an hour or after I\'ve written another chapter so I am on-top of it! :)