Reviews For Zero Distance

2008.01.09 - 08:10PM
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I have so much love for this story. I adore Jack/Rose (friendship or romance) and I love the slow and steady progression of their relationship in this with all those little moments and pieces of adventure that we didn't get on the show. And can I just say how much I prefer your ending to the way things happened in canon? I miss DW Jack!

Again, so much love for this story.

2007.08.18 - 06:16PM
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Really fanatastic! I love how you captured the heart of it.

2007.03.13 - 09:33PM
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Thank you for posting this here too! Now favourited, as I said it would be when I posted on your LJ :)

Looking forward to the second in the series!

2007.03.13 - 09:16PM
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Well done! I really enjoyed this.

2007.03.13 - 06:22PM
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Absolutely fantastic. I was gripped through the whole fic!
I'm not at all a Jack/Rose shipper...but this was so brilliantly written that I stayed with it!! Just awesome writing!