Reviews For Insatiable

2017.03.13 - 02:23AM
12: Run For Your Life

Is it bad that I am still pretty much growling at both the Doctor and Jack? I am still really mad at them even if it wasn't entirely their fault, they still did it, hell, the Doctor I may(emphasis on may) forgive. Jack, he only had a smaller effect yet he still...wait who fucked who again? Did Jack fuck the Doctor or the the Doctor fuck Jack? Either way he still agreed. It should take long to forgive. So unroll I reach the end I will be hostile to both.

....okay rant over, you don't have to listen(er read?) to that, that was just me letting my frustrations out about how they hurt the Precious Wolf(what I tend to call Rose in my head for no reason)

2013.07.07 - 08:45PM
11: Wait

this story is an oldie, but it is a goodie

2011.12.11 - 02:54PM
2: Act Naturally

"The Doctor's horny so you come see me. I like the way you think" I'm actually laughing so much at that line. Perfect, perfect Jack.

2011.09.24 - 11:48AM
15: The Word

You called his eyes blue pools but this is the tenth doctor right...

Author's Response: Oh damn, did I? My bad! Getting my fandoms mixed up. I shall fix asap. Thanks :)

2010.10.13 - 12:08AM
16: You Won't See Me

Absolutely fantastic story. I can't believe the way you ended it! I really hope there's a sequel. When I first started reading this, I expected smut and humor...but this was so much more...sad. And real. The way things seem like they'd actually go if this ever happened to the Doctor and not just pointless smut (though I don't mind that kind either). There are so many things to think about. The Doctor told Rose he loved her, the Doctor tuning into Rose and Jack's conversation at the worst possible moment, Rose possibly being pregnant.. Damn. Also, it seems to me that the Doctor is planning on dropping Rose back off with Jackie for good. =/
I can't wait to find out what happens next. Amazing writing. =)

2009.08.17 - 05:22PM
1: Help!

Very graphic, how did you think up such thoughts. I have no complaint, just dont stop writing.

2009.04.10 - 12:55PM
1: Help!

I've just finished reading "Insatiable" - and was overwhelmed by it! Not guessing it from the title and the topic I was actually quite surprised by your multi-dimensional characters (and I don't refer to their ability to travel in time AND space only - *harrharr* ;-)) and their totally understable feelings and deeds. And the funny plot - it made me LOL!!! Though I'm not a friend of 10/Jack-smut at all (dear Gillian Taylor knows already...) I had a lot of fun. Thank you! And because I'm eager to continue reading the series I also like to beg you to continue writing on it - please, with cream and sugar on top!

2008.07.09 - 09:46PM
1: Help!

Thank you. I really enjoyed it.

2007.11.02 - 01:30AM
1: Help!

Wonderful! Simply wonderful! This one is an automatic fav

2007.09.12 - 01:43AM
9: If I Needed Someone

ooh why do i have the feeling Rose's been infected and Jack might possibly be infected too.

2007.09.12 - 01:38AM
8: You're Going To Lose That Girl

ah doctor ur gonna loose rose if ur not careful. although i should be getting up Jack for all this shouldn't i? ok then i will. *slaps jack over the back of the head* "What on Earth do you think you were doing with the doctor."

2007.09.12 - 01:16AM
3: You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

oh poor Rose and poor Doctor once he's better he's gonna be so embarased. i say they should of put him into one of them cage thingys like what they use for the weevils and stuff.

2007.09.12 - 01:04AM
1: Help!

lol hope jack can help although.... this is Jack so he might make it worse, we all know how flexible he can be with 'dancing'. :P cant wait to read more.

2007.08.29 - 07:47AM
16: You Won't See Me

Maybe reading this when I was at work wasn't a good idea? Not that I regret doing so AT ALL cos I absolutly LOVED it! I read it all in one sitting! Now I'm off to read it's sequel :D

Author's Response: Hehe yeah you might get busted at work. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the feedback.

2007.07.12 - 12:07AM
16: You Won't See Me

Gah, this is soooo good! I just read it start to finish in one sitting. I love your writing style, not just with smut but with everything else, too. It's perfect. Hoping for a sequel soon, here, those were some harsh words the Doctor overheard...

Great job!