2015.06.05 - 11:01PM
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Ohhh, the silly, silly Doctor(s)! So silly, yelling at himselves like that, when he/they could be doing something PRODUCTIVE! ^.^ Cute.

(And I LOVE that their captors mistook whichever one for the Master! Nice touch!)

2009.03.12 - 06:15PM
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2007.04.19 - 04:02AM
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Sorry if I can't thinkof anything constructive to say except: brahahahahahahahahah!!!! FUNNY

2006.08.12 - 02:55PM
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This is marvelous! I've always loved how the Doctor is never able to work very constructively with himself. The bickering is priceless! And when did the Master ever have a companion??

2006.08.06 - 08:36PM
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Ha! Very funny indeed. I loved the end, and the snarking was just wonderful.

jay jay vert
2005.04.25 - 02:37PM
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damn funny! i love multi-doctor stories!

2004.08.13 - 10:35PM
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Oh, nice! That was hilarious! A briliant idea as well. As many times as the Doctor's been locked up, he was bound to end up in a jail cell with himself eventually....