2010.01.26 - 11:47AM
2: All the Time in the Universe

Awww, cute XD. Love the 'coaxing with tea' so British! LOL. Please write more.

2007.07.19 - 11:37PM
2: All the Time in the Universe

Gods, this story just reminds me of why I shouldn't read anything remotely amusing when other people in the house are asleep... You had me laughing enough to wake the dead. Great work, and I urge you to update!

Author's Response: mwahaha. :D tell anyone you woke up that I apologise. ...Almost. ;P Thanks!

2007.07.10 - 11:21PM
2: All the Time in the Universe

I love drunk Doctor stories, hehe. It's like saying "aliens made us do it!" I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: \"It\'s not my fault; I was drunk D:\" Heheheh. Thanks!

2007.03.07 - 07:51PM
2: All the Time in the Universe

Adorable...But I have to say that I think the characterisation of 9th is a bit off...but that is JUST my irrelevant personal opinion! I think his 'inside voice' would be a bit moodier...or maybe its changed cos he's drunk...yeah...Ok...I take it back. This is a perfect representation of a drunk 9! Lol...fantastically written!! please write more!

Author's Response: LOL. I do get your point though. I\'ve been writing Ten for a while; I think I\'ve got to get back into the moody sulky Time Lord feel first. :P Thanks for critiquing! It\'s great to get some constructive criticism for once. :D (Though I don\'t mind the praise ;D) <33

2007.03.06 - 10:49AM
2: All the Time in the Universe

I saw the Doctor as the 10th Doctor, not the 9th. Still, I loved it.

Author's Response: I suppose it could go either way, but I\'d see Ten as a bit more confident and able to hold his liquor, haha. And I think he\'d be more willing to give in to his intoxicated wants XD

2007.03.06 - 10:27AM
1: Why is the Rum Gone?!

What a brilliant story! I can't wait to read the next! Update soon!!

Author's Response: I shall :)

2007.03.06 - 04:49AM
2: All the Time in the Universe

Aww, so sweet and considering that they are drunk. Its lovely. I hope that they kiss though that would really make my day!!

Author's Response: We\'ll see what happens. There\'s one or two more chapters yet. :)

2007.03.06 - 02:55AM
2: All the Time in the Universe

"You know," she said softly, "travelin' with you...is amazin'. Sometimes I think this is a dream, that none of this 'as happened. Tomorrow morning, I'll wake up and go to Henrik's, eat lunch with Mickey, ride the bus home and do it all again." She clutched his arm and asked, "It's not, is it? This isn't a dream?" She sounded desperate.


Author's Response: <3 :)

2007.03.06 - 02:52AM
1: Why is the Rum Gone?!

No, he thought. No, no, no more alcohol.

"Yeah, alright," he said.


No, he's not an idiot! Drink up, and tell her how you feel!

Author's Response: He\'s so stubborn! :P

2007.03.04 - 01:21PM
1: Why is the Rum Gone?!

haha! Update soon! I can't wait for the next installment!

Author's Response: It\'s practically writing itself. :)

2007.03.03 - 06:23PM
1: Why is the Rum Gone?!

*giggles* I think he likes being drunk, otherwise he wouldn't do it ;)

Author's Response: True, true. ;) I know very few people who DISLIKE being drunk :P

2007.03.03 - 02:40PM
1: Why is the Rum Gone?!

Doesn't the Doctor know that when your drunk all you say and do is the truth? So why deny what he truley wants and can't he see that Rose want's it too?

Update very soon.

Author's Response: Can do! :) The plot bunnies are rampaging around here.

2007.03.03 - 01:43PM
1: Why is the Rum Gone?!

I like this, and is the Doctor finally going to give in to his basic instincts in he's drunken state and 'take the plunge' so to speak with Rose.
We all know he wants to!
Also t I see this one's with the Ninth Doctor getting drunk , Could you do another with the Tenth Doctor getting drunk? Because I think it could be good.

Author's Response: Heheh, read the series \"The Drunken Misadventures,\" first one. Features drunk!Ten :)