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2014.02.22 - 05:41PM
12: Chapter 12

This is so amazing. My heart hurts now. No ending? guhhhh. Plz finish. Please? *waits quietly in corner*

2013.05.13 - 09:54PM
12: Chapter 12

*Sighs* It's always the awesome ones. Considering this hasn't been updated in ages I doubt it'll be finished (*sobs*), but you should know that what you've posted thus far is pretty spectacular. I fully intend to spend the next ten minutes or so with my eyes closed and daydreaming about how this would have ended. =p

(to note: i really do hope you decide to finish this one day. it's really amazing.)

2010.02.27 - 12:31PM
12: Chapter 12

*sighs and wibbles desperately* Everything about this has been wonderful -- finding the Doctor's coat, Rose seeing him again, his terrible PTSD (Time Lords can have that, can't they?), the "return" of the Cybermen plotline... Such a sad, devastating story that can only end in more loss and tears, but what a brilliant thing you have here! I know that you've not updated in some time, but finish you must! You've already given me some of the wierdest dreams after reading these chapters long into the night.

Tremendously fantastic, this. Thank you for sharing! More to come, I hope *crosses fingers*

2008.11.08 - 06:00PM
12: Chapter 12

Wow! I just found this and tore through it. I guess, from looking at the dates, that you never finished, or perhaps I have to go search you out on LJ (which I still haven't quite figured out). This is awesome. I agree with willdew's review, who said it better than I could have. I hope you'll post more stories eventually. This had me on the edge of my seat. Thank you for writing!

2008.09.20 - 10:39PM
12: Chapter 12

Ugh! Cliffhanger! More please!

2008.01.04 - 10:29PM
12: Chapter 12

YAHOO! Another chapter! Your attention to detail and pacing of the action all weave such an enjoyable story; I'm LOVING reading & re-reading & re-re-reading every word. Are you sure you have to end it so soon? Seems to me that 30 or 40+ chapters would be oh, SO much nicer than 13 or 14!!

Hopefully waiting ....

Author's Response: :) Thank you.

2008.01.04 - 12:10AM
12: Chapter 12

I just read this all through in one sitting. You have a good ability to weave a plot and a good concept of characterization. Nice setting. Pacing. I liked the bits at the start where the Doctor's thoughts were disjointed. And the little pieces of nine's costume and his personality drifting in from the hospital visits--the jacket returned to him by Rose, Jackie bringing tea, bananas and jumpers--very clever building up to the point where he'd meet Rose for the first time (for her, anyway.)

There were a few typos where a synonym for a word would be used by mistake, the kinds of things that could have been caught by a beta reader. But the popularity of the fic/the reviews you get show that you've got a talent for storytelling that is definitely worth the extra effort of getting someone to go over it before you post.

I definitely thought Brett made an unexpected villain--at first I kept on thinking he was going to be a later or earlier version of the Doctor, and I didn't anticipate the connection to Cybus at all. When the Doctor exhorted the partially cyberized people to remember their names it was a very "Doctor-ish" moment and I felt that you captured the spirit of the series really well there.

Author's Response: Thank you. I\'ve had beta\'s go over several portions of the story. But when I\'ve lagged so much I tend to just post without having anyone go over it. I need to go back and clean it up. Brett Jones from the start I knew would turn out to be a bad apple, I just wasn\'t certain exactly how bad or what his end would be. I feel like I raced through that a bit, but that\'s over and done with now. The beginning of this story was my favorite. I wanted to draw out his recovery a bit more, but it worked out.

2008.01.03 - 11:19PM
12: Chapter 12

New update! *squees* Coincidentally, I've spent the day blitzed on cold medication as well. So I'm not sure it'll mean much to you when I say I still love the story, loved the chapter and want more.

Author's Response: Thank you. Working to get it done.

2008.01.03 - 09:41PM
12: Chapter 12

It was great seeing an update to this. Looking forward to the next one.

Author's Response: Thank you. I\'m trying to catch back up here.

2007.12.11 - 01:17AM
11: Chapter 11

please update soon!

2007.12.01 - 05:38AM
11: Chapter 11

What a ride this has been. But can't he take her back with him and return him to his future self? Oh, please be ready to post the next chapter soon. I can't believe how utterly good this was. I've read it straight through in one go and it just really, really was wonderful.

2007.12.01 - 05:12AM
10: Chapter 10

Wow, amazing chapter. So thrilling.

2007.12.01 - 04:21AM
7: Chapter 7

Have I said that this is brilliant? Cause it really is. I love this.

2007.12.01 - 04:06AM
6: Chapter 6

This story is downright addictive. And brilliant.

2007.12.01 - 02:50AM
4: Chapter 4

Just read the first four chapters through in one go and thought I'd surface to do a quick review. This last chapter was incredibly powerful, the whole story is, but I love this chapter's heartbreak especially. It's been wonderful so far.