Reviews For Judgement Day

2007.03.19 - 02:07PM
4: Across the Desert

..... holograms.... GO HOLOGRAMS!! Holograms can be good, they can be bad, but they can also be stupid as the owner of these holograms are been. The Doctor's are clever! Brillinat story! The Doctor should go back into the TARDIS and get his mallet. Very dangerous...... we know why.. More, More!!! I wanna see our old friend!

Author's Response: YAY FOR HOLOGRAMS! I LOVE HOLOGRAMS!!! Especially when they\'re being controlled by who\'s controlling them in this story... For plot purposes, I cannot make the Doctor go back to the TARDIS and get his mallet, but I PROMISE I WILL INCLUDE A MALLET OR TWO AT ONE POINT IN THE STORY!!!!!!! Oh yeah, and thanks for the review! More coming soon!