Reviews For Judgement Day

2007.03.03 - 12:58PM
2: Lumbar's Vision

Woo! Updated. Is the Dark One coming back?!?! 'Cause i really wanna know!
And about that calling the police and telling them about banned Doctor Who...well....err how to put it. I did ring them, They did come, But the left with a fine. Maybe they should have a Doctor Who police... For Doctor Who only.... Now that would be cool! *cough* Right where was I... oh yeah. MORE!!!

Author's Response: Doctor Who police!!! Wow, I honestly think you\'re onto something!!! Thank you for reviewing! And as for the Dark One, I\'m ABSOLUTELY bringing him back, he\'s the best villain I\'ve invented bar no one. But in this story... wait and see. You might be in for a surprise ;-)