Reviews For Junior

2008.08.26 - 11:01PM
1: Chapter 1

It is now clear to me that the Master's TARDIS was nueter, and being the only one left, it drove itself nuts - which didn't help the Master at all.

Also, baby makes five ftw!

Author's Response: Babies are always good, whatever the species. :D Thanks!

2008.04.02 - 07:40PM
1: Chapter 1

I was re-watching Torchwood last night. When I came to the scene at the end of End of Days where Gwen was picking at the coral on Jack's desk, I started yelling at the screen "No!! You're stunting his growth! That's years of growth you're taking off! OFF WITH HER HANDS!!"

On a slightly different note, which episode of Torchwood Declassified had the baby Tardis comment?

Author's Response: BWAH! Y\'know, I hadn\'t even noticed Gwen harassing Junior there, but I\'ll never be able to watch that scene again without noticing!! XD RE: the baby TARDIS comment, I don\'t know if that was ever in a Confidential; IIRC, it was from newspaper article about TW -- apparently JB just popped out with that comment, and the reporter picked it up and printed it. At least, such is the legend. I adore the idea of a baby TARDIS so much, I don\'t really *care* where the idea came from, honestly . . . :D ;)

2007.08.02 - 06:31AM
1: Chapter 1

Never been interested in the Torchwood series, but anything that can get the TARDIS and the Doctor to be that happy is worth more than a second look. Nice!

Author's Response: Well, you won\'t see much of anything of Junior in \"canon\" Torchwood. There\'s a throwaway comment in a \"Declassified\" or some such about this piece of coral on Jack\'s desk being a baby TARDIS, but I think that\'s about all. I just picked out that snippet and ran with it. :) Thanks!

2007.04.12 - 09:13AM
1: Chapter 1

Aw, just seen this - ultimate cuteness. Hope 'Junior' makes it in to DW, I've definitely spotted him in TW.

Author's Response: Well, whatever happens in the \"real\" world, I\'ve got plans for Junior . . . He\'s too good a character to waste! Thanks for the review.

2007.03.28 - 01:34AM
1: Chapter 1

Bought a smile to my face. Very cute

Author's Response: Baby things are always cute, whether they\'re \"regular\" babies, or baby timeships . . . :) Thanks!

2007.02.26 - 03:57PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh my. That makes for an intriguing premise! I hope you continue this story thread.

Author's Response: It\'s interesting that some of the most off-the-cuff pieces of writing (like this one) get the strongest response sometimes. Not that I mind, of course, and I have to say, the brain is already buzzing . . . :)

2007.02.26 - 10:40AM
1: Chapter 1

A baby TARDIS...hehe. Thats so cool do ya think you can get one for me.....?

Author's Response: LOL! Guess you could try talking to the *real* Torchwood writers, since they came up with the idea. At the moment, I still have no idea where Jack got Junior. :)

2007.02.26 - 09:11AM
1: Chapter 1

Takes after Dad . . . .heeeeeheee

I love this . . . .something new and so full of potential. Oh, please write more and soon.

And keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Well, I should tie off the three stories I\'ve got IP right now, but I may come back to this, depending on what plot bunnies hop out of the undergrotwth . . . Thanks!

2007.02.26 - 05:04AM
1: Chapter 1

"Don'cha Junior?"
I smiled so much at that for some reason. So cute!!

Author's Response: Jack can be quite a softie, and I think he\'ll make a great \"dad\" . . . :)