Reviews For Grounded

2007.04.22 - 09:12AM
5: .::Acceptance::.


Author's Response: Will do... I\'ve already kinda sarted it... need to upload it tho... lol! =D

2007.04.22 - 09:11AM
4: .::Boredom::.

YAY! This is great! It's what I've wanted to happen all through the 1st and 2nd series!

Author's Response: lmao!! Me too!! lol! =D

2007.04.22 - 09:09AM
3: .::The Grounding Begins::.

Aww! I hope this ends the way I want it to. You are such a gr8 writer!

Author's Response: Awww!! Thanks!!! =D

2007.04.22 - 09:06AM
2: .::Punishments::.

I hate Jackie so much. She does my head in. She has no right to tell Rose what to do anymore.

Author's Response: lmao!! =D

2007.04.22 - 09:05AM
1: .::Tickles::.

That is really good! Can't wait to read the rest which I am about to do..

Author's Response: lol!! Thanks! =D

2007.03.08 - 08:07AM
4: .::Boredom::.

*smiles* lol i read your story and it great please do a sequel

Author's Response: Thanks! I more than likely will ... though it could take me a while to write it as I have loads of homework and coursework to do ... FUN!! =D

2007.03.05 - 07:01PM
5: .::Acceptance::.

Well done . . . I'll say you're a bit quick to the end, but a fine job none the less.

Please do a sequel. I'm interested in seeing where you take this story line. But may I ask that you continue to have Jackie in as much as possible.

Doctor and Jackie interaction is always fun. *giggle*

Again good job on this story.

Author's Response: Thanks! I probably will do a sequel ... though you may have to wait a while to see it because of coursework etc

2007.03.05 - 03:35PM
1: .::Tickles::.

Hm...Thete sounds like Pete, so I'll call the Doctor, PETE! Haha, *pats the Doctor's head* Hi Pete!

Author's Response: lmao!! =D

2007.03.05 - 03:29PM
5: .::Acceptance::.

I'M ANSWERING THE THETA QUESTION, ONCE AND FOR ALL! The Doctor's name is not Theta, but in a 4th Doctor episode, called "The Armageddon Factor", a Time Lord calls the Doctor "Thete", short for Theta Sigma. In the 7th Doctor episode "Happiness Patrol", it was revealed to have been the Doctors university nickname! So it's NOT his name, but his school nickname! It's a very big misunderstanding on this site! Hope that helps people who were wondering about this!
(PS, do a sequel to this story! Oh wait, I said that already...)

Author's Response: lmao! Yh, I kinda knew that woz his nickname, but I prefere to think of it as his real name!! =D

2007.03.05 - 03:09PM
5: .::Acceptance::.

Sequel please. And I want to know...
Why does everyone think the Doctor's name is Theta? Why?

Author's Response: Becayse the Doctors name is Theta ... Theta Sigma. =D

2007.03.05 - 02:51PM
5: .::Acceptance::.

Yeah, sequel, sequel!!!! Keep the fic alive! Great ending! But the Doctor didn't get slapped once! Jackie must be so dissapointed!!!!

Author's Response: lmao! =D

2007.03.05 - 02:28PM
5: .::Acceptance::.

Have I reviewed this before? I'm not sure. I'm not really sure of anything right now. I think its an identity crisis...
ANYWAY, loved this, it was so cuutttteee!!! Please do a sequel, pleasepleaseplease :D:D:D

Author's Response: Yeah, I probably will do a sequel now ... so many people want it! =D

2007.03.05 - 02:15PM
5: .::Acceptance::.

Oh, yeah definately do a sequel!
loved this.
Where's Mickey in all this? Has he been deposited in the parallel world already.
What does rose's supposed boyfriend or ex-boyfriend Mickey think of all this?
To, many questions I'm giving myself a headache now let alone you.

Author's Response: lol. I never put mickey into it .. i could use him in the sequel though ... hmmm =D

2007.03.05 - 11:49AM
4: .::Boredom::.

*snort of laughter*

When they broke, a low growling noise was coming from behind them.
OH NO! Thought the Doctor, not again!

Oh that was just too good . . . . well done.

Author's Response: Thanks!! =D

2007.03.05 - 10:40AM
4: .::Boredom::.

Oh dear. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!! Come back in a couple of years, she may have calmed down by then :) Great chapter!ps, It's definately not my computer making the font funny. Maybe it changes somehow when you add the story. I don't know, i'm not a computer expert. I don't really care about the font though, I just like the story :)

Author's Response: lol thanks!! =D