2008.10.03 - 11:33AM
1: .::Those Three Words::.

I counted 97 words.
Lovd the fic though

2007.04.01 - 06:25AM
1: .::Those Three Words::.

I got 96, but when you separate the can'ts etc, into two separate words, you get 100. Does that help?

Author's Response: Ah!! Everything makes (kind of) sense now!! =D

2007.03.05 - 09:19AM
1: .::Those Three Words::.

me i counted 97 but i liked it

Author's Response: lol thanks! =D

2007.02.13 - 02:07PM
1: .::Those Three Words::.

I counted 96 too. Yes, I know I'm sad. Liked the fic as well - Tosh/Owen - yay!

Author's Response: Ah well *sighs* ANyway -- thanks for reveiwing and thanks for saying you liked it!!!!!!!!!! =D

2007.02.13 - 01:39PM
1: .::Those Three Words::.

When I count the words I get 96 too. I bet I'm the only person who's read this so far who's actually counted the words. *laughs* Am I said or what?

Author's Response: Nah, your not sad... well... not as sad as me anyway... i counted it about 20 times before I accepted it was 96 not 100 or 106!!! He he!! =D Thnaks for the reveiw!!!!!!!!!!!! =D