Reviews For Mirrorverse

2007.04.07 - 09:04AM
3: Reminders of Rose

Yay, you updated! And I love that song! Being extremmaly sad, with no life, and an unhealthy obsession with Doctor who person that I am, I've been listening to that song for the last two months. How? Cause I have the Doctor Who soundtrack CD. Anyway, great chapter! Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Ha, you think you\'re sad???!!! PUNY MORTAL! You have been listening to that song for two months on the soundtrack CD? I have have been listening to it for FIVE MONTHS and singing it every spare moment I get. (Sorry I just slipped into my evil megalomaniac / Dark One / Army of aliens voice. It\'s so infectious!) You\'re not alone in the saddo\'s club, that\'s for sure. And I agree with you that song is AWESOME, probably the best on the CD. Doomsday (Track 27) is pretty good too, although I\'ve only listened to it once. It made me cry! For god\'s sake even the MUSIC from that episode makes me cry!!! And thanks for the review, more will come soon!

2007.03.26 - 01:11PM
3: Reminders of Rose

Yay, new chapie! 2 stories in 1 day, go you! Can't wait for it to pick up again. As I know this will find Rose again! more please! *Blinks eyes like a puppy*.... I've been doing this a lot lately.

Author's Response: YAY NEW CHAPPIE! YEAH YEAH YEAH! *blinks eyes like a puppy* Infectious isn\'t it? ;-) More coming soon!!!

2007.03.05 - 09:59AM
2: Thoughts and Strange Happenings

Me again!What a brilliant chapter! I can't wait for the next chapter! Update soon!

Author's Response: YAY! Another review!!! *does happy dance* Damn you LiveJournal! You win this time! I NEED A RUNAWAY BRIDE TRANSCRIPT!!!

2007.03.04 - 03:04AM
1: Mirror Rhyme

=-) I have just read the entire of Time's End and it took me about an hour, lol!
Update soon! Pleas!

Author's Response: Yeah I know, that story is seriooously long ;-) Will update as soon as a transcript for Runaway Bride appears on LiveJournal. Hopefully soon!!! Thanks for reviewing...

2007.02.19 - 01:46PM
2: Thoughts and Strange Happenings

great! donna's back lol
poor doctor he lost rose, hope he finds her in the end!! =)
awaiting a new chapter =P

Author's Response: Yay, thanks! I\'m glad at least one person likes \'Bridezilla\' :-)

2007.02.19 - 09:22AM
2: Thoughts and Strange Happenings

Damn! I hoped that Donna wouldn't be in it!! Damn damn damn! Oh well it all gonna get Rose back. And YAY new story!! Go you Go you!!

Author's Response: Oh, Donna\'s definitely in it! Thanks! But will they get Rose back? *grins knowingly* We will see. We will see...

2007.02.19 - 08:07AM
2: Thoughts and Strange Happenings

Clever ending. Very clever. I look forward to what happens next! Hope they can get Rose back!

Author's Response: Thank you! Not long to wait as I think I\'m on a roll!

2007.02.15 - 03:50AM
1: Mirror Rhyme

What a brilliant rhyme! I can't wait to read this story!

Author's Response: Story coming soon!

2007.02.14 - 08:48AM
1: Mirror Rhyme

Yea, there's a sequel!!! Lovely poetry by the way ;-) X

Author's Response: Yeah there is! Glad you like it!

2007.02.13 - 01:36PM
1: Mirror Rhyme

you're back yeh yeh yeh! lol
awaiting a new chapter!

Author's Response: I\'m BAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!! Yep, you\'re right. Although I suppose I was never really away! Thanks a lot, encouragement helps me write faster, so new chapter coming very soon. (As ever)

2007.02.13 - 01:20PM
1: Mirror Rhyme

Really looking forward to this next story and it better be as gripping as your last!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Though it\'s always hard to match a previous story, especially one that\'s been enjoyed a lot, I\'ll try my best!

2007.02.13 - 01:18AM
1: Mirror Rhyme

What can I say, but when I get back YOU BETTER HAVE FINISHED 'AT TIMES END', SO I CAN READ THIS STORY!!!!!
Please fiishi 'At time end' so I can start this one!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I plan to finish off \'At Time\'s End\' this evening. But you don\'t have to read the last chapter of that to read this - it\'s only a rhyme, and a bit of setting up!