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2018.08.24 - 05:22AM
1: The Little Ones


2017.04.22 - 03:36AM
1: The Little Ones

oh, he is going to pay for that XD
Beautiful scene :)

2016.09.28 - 11:22AM
1: The Little Ones

Yeah, Im late to the game. That was so incredibly beautiful. The essence of them was captured spectacularly. Besides it being a fanfic, if this were any old regular folks experiencing this in a novel, you truly made me feel the elation and wonder of this experience. Fantastic writing, bravo. I didnt want to leave the beach and i wasnt even there!(: excited to start the long next story!!

2009.08.03 - 01:41AM
1: The Little Ones

The story isbeautiful and brings back pleasant memories of me and my family as a young girl watching the turtles hatch at Mon Repo beach (North Qld). A miracle is certainly what is is and worth sharing but protecting too.

Author's Response: Yes, absolutely.

2008.06.25 - 06:29AM
1: The Little Ones

That really was beautiful. I've read and reread it, and the joy of Nine and the awe of Rose just makes me smile and wish I was there with them. Lovely.

Author's Response: It was Ten ... but really, it\'s all the same Doctor anyway. :)

2008.05.24 - 09:29PM
1: The Little Ones

I'm here from Calufrax. This is a beautiful moment, just the sort I imagine they have a lot of between all the running. It's playful, loving, and full of wonder. As a nature lover, I like how they found something amazing going on without needing other planets or a technological future.

I've seen a sea turtle laying years ago. Now I want to go back and see a hatching.

Author's Response: If you ever have the chance to see a hatching -- it\'s absolutely amazing. And thank you!

2008.05.24 - 08:07AM
1: The Little Ones

Oh, that was sweet. Great descriptive language too.

Author's Response: Thank you!

2008.05.23 - 10:01PM
1: The Little Ones

That was gorgeous!

Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed it!

2007.08.11 - 04:09PM
1: The Little Ones

I had tears in my eyes at some point. Yup, I cried over baby turtles. That's all your fault, you write too well *g*
What is wonderful about this story is the way the Doctor takes joy in Rose's amazement over things he should be blasť about.

Author's Response: I think her response to the worlds around her is a large part of why he cares as much as he does about her.

2007.07.11 - 05:14AM
1: The Little Ones

Awww, I've never seen turtles hatch, but i'm sure it's just as amazing as you describe it, I love this, and you've written The Doctor and Rose perfectly. Him dropping her in the water at the end was hilarious :D

Author's Response: It\'s a sight to behold, truly. Thanks again!

2007.03.30 - 12:41AM
1: The Little Ones

That's was wonderfully fuzzy and funny and cute. Well done.

Author's Response: Or scaly. Turtles aren\'t very fuzzy. ;)

2007.03.27 - 11:13AM
1: The Little Ones

Am having a great day, just sold my house and bought the one I want - but this made me impossibly happier - lovely! Must have been amazing to see this yourself.

Author's Response: Oh, it was, it was. Glad you\'re having a great day and that I helped!

2007.02.19 - 11:42PM
1: The Little Ones

Sweet and lovely fun! I am really enjoying your stories, Kalleah.

Author's Response: Thanks! I am enjoying sharing them.

2007.02.11 - 04:08AM
1: The Little Ones

Oh, this is brilliant. I'm experiencing so many warm and fuzzy feelings right now, I can't tell you. Not well at the moment, but your story had definitely cheered me up and brightened my day. Thank you!! ;)

Author's Response: Hope you feel better soon -- enjoy the warm and fuzzies.

Zen Clarke
2007.02.10 - 01:40PM
1: The Little Ones

*smiles* That was brilliant. I started to read it last night, but I got kicked off the computer before I could finish it. *cries* *suddenly brightens again* Oh well! *hops away singing like in one of those cartoons*

Author's Response: Glad to make you smile! :)